Snag a Mythic Heroes gift bundle from IGG and MOP

If multiplayer idlers are your thing, we have some freebies for you: IGG had granted us a stack of gift keys for its iOS/Android/browser...

Dauntless celebrates three years with special quests, a limited-time hunt, and community events

The multiplayer monster slaying RPG Dauntless has been running for three years as of this month, which means that it's time for players to...

Dungeons and Dragons Online starts testing Isle of Dread while LOTRO wraps up its anniversary giveaway

Dinosaurs, cat-people, and mysterious mysteries -- what's not to look forward to with this spring's Dungeons and Dragons Online expansion? With the Isle of...

Warframe’s TennoCon returns as an all-digital event on July 16

Warframe fans, block off July 16th in your calendars: That's the day Digital Extremes is setting aside for the return of TennoCon. The studio...

PSA: Get your free original SWTOR mech today on Star Wars Day

It's been the longest of all running jokes that Star Wars: The Old Republic loves to trot out the same astromech pet for a...

Grab a key for tomorrow’s Dysterra beta on Steam, courtesy of Kakao

Kakao and Reality MagiQ are preparing for another big beta round for Dysterra, its survival MMO that mixes "solid first person shooting with sophisticated...

Snag a new-player bonus pack key for IGG’s multiplayer Castle Clash

IGG's PC-and-mobile multiplayer battle royale Castle Clash has a fresh round of keys for in-game items for our readers to give you a leg...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 368: Morrowind and the Mirror Universe

Justin and Bree discuss Star Trek Online, movement in EverQuest and EverQuest II, RuneScape's subscription hike, Elder Scrolls Online's freebie Morrowind, and Ukraine's impact in Overwatch and Wargaming MMOs, with adventures in LOTRO, DDO, and TTRPG Hero Kids, plus a mailbag topic of virtual reality MMOs.

Grab a new-player welcome pack key and artifact coins for IGG’s MMORTS Lords Mobile

Well here's one that crossed my desk for a giveaway that I'd never heard of before: It's an IGG Games strategy MMO called Lords...

Grab a Black Desert game pass and more in honor of this week’s Eternal Winter launch

Black Desert is just two days away from the launch of its huge Eternal Winter expansion, which has charmed our Black Desert columnist so...

Kickstarted VR MMORPG Ilysia launches its second alpha today

MMORPG Ilysia is gearing up for its next alpha, Team 21 Studio announced on Discord and YouTube last night. "For those that have access,...

TERA Console prepares to celebrate four years, adds new Stigmas and dungeon in latest patch

TERA Console is turning four years old this year, and that means it's time for players to celebrate with a new update, upcoming events,...
Sad elk in snow.

LOTRO Legendarium: Why people bounce off Lord of the Rings Online

Any time that you are deeply invested in an MMORPG, it's perhaps one of the most disheartening and frustrating experiences to watch your friends...

Grab a new-player welcome pack key from IGG’s multiplayer Castle Clash

We can't file this one under MMO, but multiplayer surely: It's IGG's PC-and-mobile multiplayer battle royale Castle Clash, and the studio has dropped a...

Enter to win a Guild Wars 2 Ultimate Collection, headset, mouse, and art print in our End of Dragons sweepstakes!

In celebration of the impending launch of Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons next week, ArenaNet has kindly granted MassivelyOP an epic prize pack...

DDO’s Update 53 goes live with adventure pack, free unlocks, and anniversary giveaways

Someone over at SSG really likes alliteration, apparently. Last week, LOTRO received its Rangers and Ruins update, and now Dungeons and Dragons Online is...

Dungeons and Dragons Online announces new producer and a packed 2022 roadmap

Like its counterpart in Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online now has a producer of its very own. Standing Stone Games...

Element Quest is relaunching as Sunset World Online on March 1

Just in the last few weeks, we've been covering the rise and fall of Element Quest, an indie MapleStory-esque 2-D MMO that had rolled...

The Stream Team: Celebrating Lunar New Year in AdventureQuest 3D

Lunar New Year is all about the tiger, and AdventureQuest 3D is all about Lunar New Year cosmetics! And since Massively OP's MJ is...

The Stream Team: Talking Neverwinter Dragonbone Vale with Cryptic

Do you prefer your dragons alive or undead? Massively OP's MJ prefers them alive, so Valindra Shadowmantle's return in Neverwinter's Dragonbone Vale isn't going...