Lord of the Rings Online’s community goes bonkers for a boulder nicknamed Dwayne Johnson


One would think that the arrival of a small Lord of the Rings Online expansion (or huge content update, take your pick) this past week would spur discussion about its new quests, systems, and quality-of-life improvements.

Nope. All anyone wants to talk about is… The Rock.

With the update, Standing Stone Games plopped down a giant boulder smack in the middle of Bree-land for no apparent reason other than to mystify and amuse. (Or it could be a misplaced art asset, but let’s not dwell on that.) And boy did this rock do just that. The community’s become entranced with the new fixture, nicknaming it Dwayne Johnson (for obvious reasons) and churning out post after post on the subreddit about adventures and activities concerning it.

Some have gone on pilgrimages to visit the rock. Others have summited it or knelt before it. There have been fights over it, inspirational poems written about it, memes created for it, siblings found for it, homage paid to it, questions asked about it, music played on top of it, cookouts done on it, parties held on it, traffic handled in front of it, wars waged in its honor, and a church created for it.

“Dwayne is a multi-dimensional being. His great presence is blessing all the servers. Be sure to spread word of his presence and encourage others to join in your pilgrimage to see him,” one player said.

Naturally, there is a petition to keep the Rock. To this, a studio representative said, “The rock itself needs to be moved, but we’ve got some ideas.”

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