WRUP: Secret lives I am currently living edition


Secret Life #7: According to the registration records of a post office box in Milwaukee and the message board of the Milwaukee Book Appreciation Society, I am actually the mysterious and beautiful Chisato Hampton, daughter of the awkwardly widowed Franklin Hampton who lives by a creek with two dogs and a house full of books and plants. Favorite color: Chartreuse.

Secret Life #A12: Woodrow “Hands” Gillespie has a Facebook page where he is active in a number of groups including Toaster Cooking Tips, Toaster Memes, Toast 4 All, and Toaster Home Repair. He is 62 years old and has sciatica. Favorite food: Hamburgers with pineapple on them. Least favorite food: Pineapples on hamburger buns.

Secret Life #bup: le bup

Secret Life #23-4335-XNZ-3385476: The year is 1927 and I am Noir-Bot, the time-traveling robot detective with a drinking problem who writes What Are You Playing entries and solves crimes for the police department while getting deeply entangled in secret love affairs with handsome men all named Daniel. Later, I will adopt a dog and learn to operate a glider. Favorite song: “Baby Let’s Not Get Killed By The Kaiser” by The Frittersham Triplets.

Secret Life #MATTHEW: I am Kirsten Dunst. No, really.

Bonus question: What language are you most fluent in other than your native language? Yes, pick just the one. Yes, English counts if it’s not your native language.

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Naturally Pokemon Violet will get the majority of my attention, though the exercise games will help keep me in shape. Splatoon 3 will probably see a little action, depending on how Violet multiplayer pans out.

Long-time readers probably aren’t surprised that the non-native language I’m most fluent in is Japanese, though it’s been going downhill ever since I left the country, and more so during COVID.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I have two gaming goals this weekend: Star Wars Galaxies Legends food restock and Lord of the Rings Online’s new stuff. I guess I need to go buy the thing. But I want to go see the new new!

I went to a bilingual elementary school, so I had half-day Spanish immersion for years as a little kid, which was frankly amazing. All our teachers were from Puerto Rico, and they were so much fun. I was fluent back then! But then I did Latin for five years, and by the time I went back to Spanish, I had to kinda start over with grammar, but I still have enough to get me around Mexico, and my accent is still pretty OK. Also did German two years! Anyway, answer: Spanish.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I’m on my way to my skimmer mount in Guild Wars 2, so that’s job one. Honestly, I’m not sure I’ll be doing much else, so maybe call that the only job.

I am not fluent in any other language beyond English, but I at least know several courteous phrases – and one not so courteous phrase – in Greek.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Usual Final Fantasy XIV maintenance work alongside some noodling in the World of Warcraft prepatch for work. I got books to read, too.

Between my family and my history it probably won’t surprise anyone that I come closest to non-English fluency in French. That doesn’t mean my command of French is good or anything yet, but it’s getting better all the time; I’ve been studying it pretty religiously for the past several months.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I actually updated my install of The Elder Scrolls Online but then I didn’t actually log in. I just have some mental block on it. I’m thinking about playing Conqueror’s Blade. That latest teased update really got my attention as silly as it was I think there’s a good shot I hop in there. I’ve also got a few days left to login to Crowfall but even my old guild was pretty down and out about it. There’s a chance though.

Bonus: I’m pretty uncultured so far as languages go. I’m not even that good with English. Still best answer is probably Spanish although I wouldn’t call it fluent by any stretch.

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