V Rising details gameplay waiting in the Ruins of Mortium, Valheim continues its Ashlands test


This is either a tale of two games that start with the letter V, two games that are working on new zones, or two tardy sandboxes as Bree succinctly put it. Either way, both V Rising and Valheim have some new things to highlight for fans of each respective survivalbox.

We’ll begin with V Rising and its latest extremely wordy dev blog, which brings a text-based look at an earlier video preview of the Ruins of Mortium zone. Sprinkled in between the lore-rich paragraphs and backstory of the entire game’s world are some small details of the zone’s four new bosses, the basic features and rewards surrounding the zone’s rift incursions, and the ultimate promise of a face-off against Dracula himself.

Meanwhile in Valheim’s big spicy Viking playground, public testing of the Ashlands zone moves forward, with a recent patch that primarily focuses on crushing a wide assortment of bugs and tweaking the balance of things like the Fader’s attacks and too many enemies being drawn to burning trees.

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