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V Rising’s latest patch finally lets players move the castle heart more easily

Designing an MMO house can be a finicky beast. You set up a room or a section of your claim, place down furnishings, and...
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V Rising’s first series of regular official server wipes begins this week

Earlier this month, players of V Rising were informed that the game would begin running regular server wipes in the interest of keeping gameplay...

Choose My Adventure: Feeling like a vampire is not the problem with or the solution for V Rising

After these few weeks and hours playing V Rising in its early access state at the time of this column's publishing, I can pretty...

Choose My Adventure: Customizing my V Rising experience (because my other server was closed)

As that title would suggest, the V Rising server that I was originally playing on just decided to go kaput. The people who were...

Choose My Adventure: Boredom and frustration rear their head in V Rising

This week, V Rising decided to remind me why I deeply dislike survival sandboxes. It all started off pedestrian enough for the most part. Over...
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V Rising adds scheduled server wipes with its newest patch

Do you dread stagnancy in V Rising? Some people really like having huge, elaborate survivalbox builds that never go anywhere, but some players really...

Choose My Adventure: V Rising provides moments of chaos and comfort

There's often a moment I've experienced when playing survival sandboxes where I hit my stride. The mechanics make perfect sense, I have a plan...

V Rising adds pick-up-and-play Steam cloud support for private games

Is it just me, or did V Rising seem like it came out of nowhere to become one of the unlikely multiplayer hits of...

Choose My Adventure: Forewarned is forearmed in my return foray to V Rising

There's something extremely valuable in hitting a reset button when you're able to. Failure is always an option in MMOs and multiplayer titles, to...

The Stream Team: CMA Live starts its run at V Rising

Yes, MOP's Chris was starting off in the vampiric survival sandbox V Rising on OPTV a couple of weeks ago, but this time's for...
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V Rising hits 2M copies sold, discusses its atmospheric music

Survival sandbox V Rising continues to see its star climb, as Stunlock Studios announced this afternoon that it's now sold 2M copies during its...

The Stream Team: It’s a vampire life in V Rising

It's a survival game, and it has vampires. And housing! How can Massively OP's MJ not check out V Rising?! Lazy summer days were...

The Stream Team: A first-time peek into the vampiric survivalbox world of V Rising

A lot of hay has has been made about V Rising, the survival sandbox dressed in a vampire costume, and that's gotten MOP's Chris...

V Rising promises bug fixing in the short term, bigger but less frequent new content updates in the future

With the rip-roaring success of V Rising making headlines, a lot of players likely find themselves wondering just what sort of content updates can...
We know how this story ends.

Betawatch: Embers Adrift prepares for another weekend of beta testing

It's another weekend of Embers Adrift beta testing, and there's some stuff you can do ahead of that test. If you want to, of...

V Rising’s spiders are upsetting enough to prompt players to ask for an arachnophobia mode

Spider enemies are something of a staple for video games of all stripes, which likely makes it challenging for those with genuine arachnophobia to...

V Rising introduces an offline mode and other general fixes as sales crest one million copies

The vampiric survivalbox V Rising appears to be going from strength to strength in its initial week of early access. Seven days have passed...

V Rising’s early access has already sold over 500K copies in three days

Apparently, survival sandbox mechanics paired with classical vampire aesthetics is a winning combination, or at the least a profitable one for developer Stunlock Studios,...

Not So Massively: First impressions of V Rising, launching into early access today

I'm still searching for a survival game that fits me. I enjoy a lot of the survival experience, but the games as a whole...

V Rising deep-dives the features of the vampiric castle ahead of its May 17 early access launch

You really can't call yourself a vampiric lord unless you're lording over a big gothic castle. Luckily, the survival sandbox V Rising got the...