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V Rising deep-dives the features of the vampiric castle ahead of its May 17 early access launch

You really can't call yourself a vampiric lord unless you're lording over a big gothic castle. Luckily, the survival sandbox V Rising got the...
Let's prosper.

Betawatch: Prosperous Universe gets a launch date from early access

There's no need to mince words here: We are always happy when a game moves out of early access into actual launch. Often "early...
I demand to pay more for this.

Betawatch: Dual Universe talks up Athena as its last pre-launch patch

Athena, you've gotta see her. Or at least what the update bearing her name means for Dual Universe, which is promising that this is the...

V Rising talks about its V Blood character progression system, plans expanded closed beta soon

As a vampire in the survivalbox of V Rising, you'd expect that you're going to have to munch on some people to get their...

V Rising’s newest video provides a closer look at combat, still plans for a December closed beta

As a freshly awakened vampire in the world of V Rising, combat is just going to be an inevitable part of unlife. With that...

Vampire ARPG V Rising takes you into its gothic world with a new trailer

Stop us if you've heard this pitch before: An online action-RPG in which players adventure through a gothic world clicking frantically and looting every...

Vampire survivalbox V Rising discusses crafting, castles, and your insatiable thirst for blood

V Rising has been on our radar for a few months now; it's a multiplayer survival sandbox that's trying to make vampires cool again...
Travels of booking

Betawatch: Book of Travels begins teasing early access, again

In the long saga of Book of Travels doing almost everything other than actually entering its promised early access state, this week marked an odd...

Vampire multiplayer survival title V Rising shows off gameplay and plans a 2021 beta

V Rising, the multiplayer vampiric survival title from Stunlock Studios (of Battlerite fame) has been doing a lot of talking to this point. Readers...

Vampire survivalbox V Rising highlights its gothic-horror atmospheric feel

Hey, remember V Rising? It's Stunlock Studios' upcoming multiplayer survival sandbox - yeah, the Battlerite folks. The vampire-themed title just got a new dev...

V Rising is an upcoming multiplayer survival sandbox with a vampiric twist

We all just sort of assume that being a vampire isn't easy, what with the need to regularly drink blood from live prey, avoid...