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V Rising is taking ‘a brief respite’ before working on Update 1.1

Now that Stunlock Studios has the PC and PS5 release of its vampiric survival sandbox V Rising behind it, the studio is taking a...

The Stream Team: Boss beat down for better building in V Rising

Beating bosses is almost always a lucrative endeavor, and V Rising is no different. Vampires need loot, too! In fact, Massively OP's MJ will...

Hands-on with V Rising: PC vs. PS5, multiplayer, and progression impressions

You might think given the last few pieces I've written that I might have a thing for vampires. I vehemently deny this. It is...

Valheim launches to Mac players, V Rising arrives to PlayStation 5

This week is all about proliferation of Iron Gate's and Stunlock Studios' survival sandboxes, as both Valheim and V Rising have expanded to new...

The Stream Team: Hunting the big bad wolf in V Rising

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not Massively OP's MJ! She's off to hunt the beast in V Rising. And she hears she...

V Rising shares some launch week numbers as it continues to attack release bugs

With just over a week in the rear view mirror for the newly launched survival sandbox V Rising, developer Stunlock Studios is in a...

The Stream Team: Taking a bite out of V Rising’s launch

After her Halloween visit long ago, Massively OP's MJ crawled back into her coffin to await the launch of V Rising. And is she...
One convenient location.

Betawatch: The Wagadu Chronicles sunsets as V Rising launches

We're sad to see the lights go out for The Wagadu Chronicles, as this week saw the heartbreaking news that the game is shuttering...

Enter to win a copy of the newly launched V Rising on Steam courtesy of Stunlock

With the full launch of V Rising and its 1.0 update today, Stunlock Studios has kindly granted MassivelyOP a stack of game keys to...

Second Wind: V Rising’s 1.0 build is a fangtastic revamp of the vampire survival sandbox

It doesn't seem possible that V Rising burst onto the scene almost two years ago, but here we are. I sometimes struggle to get...

V Rising stirs up hype for its 1.0 launch with new trailer and updated website

V Rising continues to make sure people are extremely aware that it's leaving early access on Wednesday, May 8th, and it's doing so with...

V Rising details gameplay waiting in the Ruins of Mortium, Valheim continues its Ashlands test

This is either a tale of two games that start with the letter V, two games that are working on new zones, or two...

V Rising has sold a whopping 4 million copies during its two-year early access

With V Rising poised for launch on May 8th - just over a month away, for those of you who are not so good...

V Rising unveils a crossover with Castlevania as part of its full May 8 release

Vampires and Castlevania go together like peanut butter and jelly, so it's not too beyond the pale for the vampiric survival sandbox V Rising...

V Rising will make its full 1.0 release to PlayStation 5 and bring controller support to Steam

The vampiric player characters of V Rising - and by extension developer Stunlock Studios - are setting forth for brand-new lands, as the studio...

V Rising plans end of early access in 2024 with a new zone, endgame events, and gameplay tweaks

V Rising is once more electing to talk about but not talk about future updates as its latest dev blog pirouettes through teases and...

V Rising hints at new enemies and a new endgame activity arriving in its next content patch

Stunlock Studios is once again using its latest dev blog to vaguely hint at what's coming next for V Rising, which means we're going...

V Rising hosts a PvP tournament with all game DLC as the grand prize October 28

The PvP contingent of V Rising players is being summoned forth by developer Stunlock Studios with the unveiling of the Crown Vampire Tournament, a...

V Rising’s next release will be its proper launch – and take a whole year of development

You'll have to do a lot of scrolling around in the latest V Rising dev blog to find the important bits, as Stunlock Studios...

It’s Gloomrot launch day! Enter to win a copy of V Rising and its Sinister Evolution DLC courtesy of Stunlock

Now that V Rising's Secrets of Gloomrot is live in the early access survival sandbox, Stunlock Studios has kindly granted MassivelyOP a stack of...