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The yeller.

Perfect Ten: 10 MMORPGs with weirdly defensive fanbases

I do not have nice things to say about RuneScape. I have never had nice things to say about RuneScape. I also do not...

The Stream Team: A very voxel Trove birthday

Today, Trove turned nine years old! And if that wasn't reason enough for the voxel game to vie for Massively OP's MJ attention, the...

Sandbox MMORPG Trove begins Sunfest celebrations for its ninth birthday

It's official: Trion/Gamigo's voxel sandbox MMORPG Trove is turning nine years old today and is celebrating with its annual Sunfest events. "It's time to have...

The MOP Up: Elsword welcomes Lithia to its combat roster

Elsword's roster recently expanded to include the sparkplug character of Lithia: "A real 'gem' of a character and a glittering addition to the stylish...

RIFT brings Summerfest around through July 24

Hokay, RIFT, we need to talk about something with your announcement of Summerfest's return. You start that announcement by stating that it's been a...

Perfect Ten: 10 more MMOs you’ve already forgotten ever existed, from Elyon to Defiance

Last year, I assembled a list of 10 former MMOs that not only have ceased to exist but have ceased to be remembered (for...

Trove celebrates ninth birthday, plans Sunfest, and offers console roadmap

Next week, Trion's original voxelbox Trove turns nine years old, and though Trion is long gone, current handler Gamigo and its severely underpaid community...

Gamigo offloads Desert Operations and Wargame 1942 publishing to Fawkes with only two weeks’ notice on migrations

Remember back at the end of 2020, when Gamigo began rather obviously to divest itself of most of its publishing agreements and video games,...
And now we're good,yes?

XLGAMES’ messy masterpiece ArcheAge has officially sunsetted

Back in April, we got the sad but not entirely unexpected news that XLGAMES had decided to sunset the remains of ArcheAge, including the...
It's a fooler.

Perfect Ten: The MMORPG terms we use but never define, from murderhobo to sandpark

Over in Vague Patch Notes, I have an ongoing series of columns that I describe as being primarily about having useful notes for us...

Trove warns players to ditch exploited items before they ‘lead to irreversible damage’

While PC players are surfing the waves of Trove's new Rising Tide update and its underwater biome, there's something disturbing happening just below the...

Trove adds a new underwater biome in today’s Rising Tides PC update

Does a rising tide lift all boats? You'll have to log into voxelbox MMO Trove today to find out, as Gamigo has launched its...

Gamigo reopens transfer window for RIFT players on closed servers

Remember back in spring when Gamigo announced it would be merging down the RIFT servers into four remaining shards? There followed a period in...

Trove begins summer festival, Pride event, and Rising Tides update testing

Gamigo's Trove might be the company's crown jewel MMO, even if it does still fly under the radar of more hardcore MMORPG players. It...

One Shots: The portents of the heavens

When you look up at the night sky and everything's going nuts, it's either the end of the world as we know it or...

Vague Patch Notes: Why do so many MMOs fail?

We talk a lot about MMOs that fail here on Massively Overpowered. I wrote a whole column about how our standards of success are...

The Stream Team: Backseat Streaming wanders the wilds of RIFT

In an era of armchair warriors, we bring you Backseat Streamers! Here, Massively OP’s Chris and MJ get to take a backseat and watch...

Star Wars The Old Republic’s GU 7.5 Desperate Defiance launches today alongside The Acolyte collab

Star Wars The Old Republic's 7.5 patch is upon us today, as servers went down at 8 a.m. EDT this morning to prepare. The...

The Daily Grind: Has an MMO ever inspired your real pet’s name?

I love naming stuff. Not just my characters, but when allowed, I name my crafted items, housing plot, and of course, my virtual pets....

Massively Overthinking: Does challenging solo content belong in MMORPGs?

Star Wars The Old Republic's plan to implement new solo challenge content called Ventures in its Desperate Defiance patch raised more than one eyebrow...