The MOP Up: Shooter looter Rift Loopers rolls out in early access

Experience the multiverse -- and then blow up a small part of it -- in Rift Loopers, a new twin-stick survival shooter that just...

Valheim brings out its crossplay patch ahead of its arrival on Xbox Game Pass

Why shouldn't Valheim have crossplay? Vikings don't care about platform distinctions. They care about conquest and crafting and beating bosses with campfires. That's what...

The MOP Up: Valheim comes to Microsoft’s store this month

That kooky Norse survival sim Valheim is sending a raiding party to new shores -- in this case, to Microsoft itself. The company announced...

Valheim teases Mistland bosses and high hair fashion

Valheim is a game that is lauded in many areas, but high fidelity character visuals is never one of them. The deliberately low-resolution Vikings...

Fight or Kite: First impressions of Dysterra, a cybernetic post-apoc survival sandbox

In the future, our home Earth is beset by a host of economic and environmental disasters. It got so bad that people with resources...

Valheim’s latest patch squashes the world-resetting bug that’s been plaguing the game

There are few things more frustrating to experience in a survivalbox than seeing your progress get wiped out, especially if it's not your fault....

Valheim offers another Mistlands update preview, promises a fix for game crashes soon

The developers of Valheim are back once more with another couple of screenshot previews of the Mistlands update, which Iron Gate says will be...

Choose My Adventure: Feeling like a vampire is not the problem with or the solution for V Rising

After these few weeks and hours playing V Rising in its early access state at the time of this column's publishing, I can pretty...

Global Chat: The virtue of smaller shared worlds

With the rise of online sandboxes and other mini-MMOs (if that oxymoron can exist), several long-time MMO bloggers are praising the virtues and benefits...

Betawatch: Temtem outlines its launch monetization plans

The Temtem launch window is still a few months away, but the team behind the game has been keeping up a steady stream of...

Valheim shows off Mistlands’ new forge, a giant tick, and wall-mountable fish decorations

First off, there's still no launch date for Valheim's Mistlands update. However, the devs at Iron Gate Studios are still keen to keep on...

Valheim fixes Steam saves, patches in fragrant flower crowns

A particularly nasty bug that was causing Valheim players to lose progress while playing through Steam has been solved, according to the developers. " fixes...

Valheim pinpoints rollout windows for Xbox One, Xbox X|S, and the Microsoft Store

You might be overwhelmed with announcements this week, but here's one more: Coffee Stain and Iron Gate revealed that they're plopping survivalbox Valheim on...

Starkeepers may be the massively multiplayer Valheim you’ve been craving

A new MMORPG emerged from this past week's IGN Expo 2022, looking both familiar and exotic at the same time. Wolfpack Games announced that it...

The Daily Grind: How long are you willing to wait for an MMO’s release?

A couple of months ago, The Ancient Gaming Noob ran a piece about Valheim - specifically, about how freakin' long we've all been waiting...

Victorian survivalbox Nightingale talks up lore and promises more details soon

It's been a little while since we last checked in with Nightingale, the fascinating Victorian survival sandbox that promises portal-hopping fun. So what's been...

Valheim previews the ruins and the bunnies of its upcoming Mistlands update

If there's two things I demand out of my survival sandbox game, it's the ruins of an ancient civilization and well-crafted hares; if you...

Global Chat: Who gets to decide what is ‘fun’ in MMORPGs?

In a thought-provoking essay, MMO blog Parallel Context wrestled with the question, "Who gets to decide what is fun in multiplayer games?" This is...

Valheim celebrates over 10 million copies sold and talks up ongoing Mistlands update

It's been over a year since the Viking-themed survival sandbox Valheim entered early access, but that hasn't stopped it from building a dedicated community...
A new road has begun.

Global Chat: Is FFXIV the perfect solo MMORPG?

Kicking off this week's roundup of MMO blog posts, we'll hop over to Dragonchasers where Pete is ecstatic to share the revelation that Final...