Valheim, three years in early access, plods along on development of its Ashlands biome


It’s apparently survival sandbox week here at the end of January, as Valheim has resurfaced with a fresh dev blog. The game, which next week will have been in early access for three years after originally calling for just one, is being prepped for its Ashlands update – a biome Iron Gate has been teasing for the last year and is expected to launch in the first half of 2024. Development on this much-loved sandbox is absurdly slow is what we’re getting at.

And by the blog post, Iron Gate isn’t feeling any push to move faster. The post and the video show off new enemy types coming with the Ashlands biome, from creepy twitchers and morgen to the valkyrie, as well as siege engines, resources, and the game’s environmental theme. “It’s not called the Lavalands. It’s not called Volcano country,” the devs note; instead, it’s really leaning hard into the smoky, ashy effects rather than just flows of lava itself.

“It could’ve been done like five iterations ago, but it’s so much better now than it was then,” Iron Gate says of the map’s art. The whole video is below.

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