Black Desert improves Magnus travel on PC, combines elixirs on console, expands Kamasylvia on mobile


It’s another update-rich week for every version of Black Desert as all three editions of the title have adjustments, improvements, tweaks, and other pseudonyms that communicate that things are different now than they were before. With that, let’s dive in.

This week’s patch for the PC version is headlined by Magnus teleportation updates, which add the ability to teleport around the world without going to the Magnus first and adds two new fast travel spots. There’s also a new monster zone, some tweaks to the Illezra tutorial, a host of item changes in terms of drop rates and what can be combined, and another suite of events.

The console version continues to be just a few steps behind the PC version in terms of parity, as this week sees elixirs consolidated into one form, increases the base energy cap of character families, makes the prerequisite quest to access Atoraxxion optional, and adds the ability to change TET IV weapons into Godr-Ayed weapons, along with a few class balance tweaks on top.

Finally, the mobile version has added more zones to the Kamasylvia region as well as a new quest line, introduced some new glyphs to craft, made some updates to pets and UI windows, and fixed a few bugs.

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