black desert

Official Site: Black Desert (EN), Black Desert (KR)
Studio: Pearl Abyss/Daum Games
Launch Date: March 3, 2016
Genre: Fantasy Hybrid Sandbox
Business Model: B2P (Cash Shop) in the West (F2P elsewhere)
Platform: PC

Black Desert PC revamps Node Wars while Black Desert console opens its Season+ server

This week in Black Desert is bringing some pretty important updates to both the PC and console versions of the MMORPG. We'll begin with...

Black Desert Mobile adds a powerful new totem and Black Desert PC kicks off multiple Halloween events

If it's Thursday, it's another bundle of Black Desert news. We'll begin with the latest update to Black Desert Mobile, which added the Primal...

Black Desert PC adds the next part of Atoraxxion, opens class reboot forums, and kicks off an autumn event

If you're among those who are enjoying the fact that Black Desert has dungeon content and you're a player of the PC version, then...

Global Chat: The good, the bad, and the ugly of New World

There is no shortage of opinions on the recently launched New World -- and no shortage of drama either. On top of all of...

Black Desert PC preps season+ server graduation, Atoraxxion’s next act, and Elvia Realm changes

If you've been pushing through the season+ server of Black Desert on PC to the point you're ready to head to the regular servers,...

Black Desert launches PC season+ server, offers next-gen console support and roadmap

It's Wednesday, which means another weekly deluge of Black Desert news. First, over on the PC servers, where the game is celebrating 2000 days online...

Black Desert Mobile is introducing the Mystic class on September 14

Players of Black Desert Mobile will soon get the option to punch enemies right in the mouth as a female character, as the game...

Black Desert launches Conquest War pre-season, sets Season+ server launch for next week

Conquest War has returned to the world of Black Desert as the pre-season has begun. MMO players will recall that this mode is basically...
I'll be gone soon.

Massively Overthinking: MMO ideas that were ahead of their time

I'm gonna say something wild right now: In some ways, CliffyB was ahead of his time. My husband and I came to this realization...

Black Desert outlines class reboots, quality-of-life streamlining, and new customization plans

Here at the top of September, Pearl Abyss Executive Producer Jae-hee Kim has a letter for western Black Desert PC players. Kim says that...

Black Desert celebrates two years on console and 2000 days on PC with free stuff

So hey, want some free stuff? Pearl Abyss has a bunch of goodies queued up for Black Desert fans, even beyond the Margoria expansion...

Black Desert Mobile sets sail on the Great Ocean with today’s expansion

The mobile version of Black Desert requests your oars, as it's finally getting the Great Ocean expansion today. Readers will recall that the expansion...

Black Desert PC adjusts potions and ramps up skill XP earnings, Black Desert Mobile releases the Lahn

It's a tale of two updates for the same IP as Black Desert on PC and Black Desert Mobile both have some updates arriving...
This is probably my favorite of the outfits I got, which is indeed damning with faint praise.

Vague Patch Notes: The lesson hidden in the Astellia shutdown

A couple years ago, an MMO launched named Astellia. It was fine. It wasn't bad. It wasn't good. It was just fine. It was...

Black Desert’s Corsair awakens today on PC – yes, it’s otter time

Happy Corsair awakening day! She's got pirate hats, she's got gunblades, she's got adorable otters, she's got rapiers, she's got mermaids... wait. Wait. Go...
Sure, fine, whatever.

Black Desert Mobile opens Lahn and Crimson Lily pre-creation with contest

You think you can make a rather nice-looking character in Black Desert Mobile, do you? Well the game itself is asking you to prove...

Black Desert’s Corsair awakens with swashbuckling otter crewmates on August 11

The Corsair class of Black Desert already has some pretty neat tricks by all accounts. After all, being able to slice up enemies, call...

Black Desert tweaks stance animations, weekly quest resets, and conquest wars on PC

Black Desert's PC patch this week is a bit of a hodge-podge, but it's still gonna make you download a whole gig of content....

Pearl Abyss has delayed Crimson Desert indefinitely

Earlier this month, when Pearl Abyss emerged from over six months of silence on Crimson Desert to post a mocap video, we speculated that...

Black Desert opens the summertime Night Market, tweaks the Atoraxxion dungeon, and updates its TOS

It's time to celebrate the summer season in Black Desert on PC. The Terrmian Night Market is now open, and players are being encouraged...