black desert

Official Site: Black Desert (EN), Black Desert (KR)
Studio: Pearl Abyss/Daum Games
Launch Date: March 3, 2016
Genre: Fantasy Hybrid Sandbox
Business Model: B2P (Cash Shop) in the West (F2P elsewhere)
Platform: PC

Desert Oasis: How should Black Desert handle class balance?

Last week, I wrote about how the recent tamer changes in Black Desert resulted in a write-in campaign. Ever since then, I've...

Black Desert adds the Skill UI update and new male hairstyles, mobile adds Awakenings and the Wardrobe

Black Desert is a game of two parts for me: wondering what skills to use and trying to muddle through its weird UI,...

Black Desert rounds up patch updates, Conquest War winners, and upcoming features in a video

Care for a bundle of the most recent Black Desert goings-on in a video? Pearl Abyss has you covered with the CM...

Black Desert shares another round of player questions from the Heidel Ball

Earlier in June, the devs of Black Desert shared a big ol' list of player questions from the digital Heidel Ball event....

Massive Black Desert nerfs prompt tamer players to action through a letter writing campaign

As we've previously covered, Black Desert was updated with the PvP changed originally touted during the Heidel Ball last month. Tamer players (
Cool drinks.

Black Desert brings class balance changes, new events, and new gear for seasonal servers

Ready for things to change for your favorite Black Desert class? No? Well too bad, because today's update applies those changes. Also...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 278: Patchy McPatchface

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Bad plans.

Global Chat: Too many shipwrecks in MMOs

In the vast annals of MMO tropes, there's one that has been in front of you all along and you've probably never noticed: shipwrecking...

Massively Overthinking: Does playing MMORPGs ever stress you out?

"Anyone ever feel stressed out about playing MMOs?" MOP's Carlo queried our team this week. "This new Black Desert season is stressing me...

Desert Oasis: Putting Black Desert’s music system in context with other MMOs

Back in the day, I used to really be into the ukulele. I used to play in open mics and sold them as...

Black Desert adds the cutest lil furry critters you ever did see in Papua Crinea update

OK, so who had "adorable mammals in Black Desert" on their 2020 bingo cards? Because that is what you're getting with today's update...

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Black Desert’s new Q&A covers everything from dancing and new classes to inflation and endgame

Apparently, Heidel Ball was a big success for Black Desert this year, such that Pearl Abyss couldn't even answer all the questions players...

The Stream Team: Starting Black Desert’s summer season server

With the opening on Black Desert's summer season server today, Massively OP's MJ decided to give another class a try. She is now...

Black Desert’s season servers are live today on PC as mobile picks up gear awakening

Black Desert players were understandably bummed over the delay of season servers last week, so we bring good news today: They're finally...

Black Desert battle royale spinoff Shadow Arena adds new hero, bans cheaters

If things are getting a bit samey for you in the standalone Black Desert battle royale game Shadow Arena, then the latest...

Massively Overthinking: Do you keep MMOs installed for the login freebies?

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Desert Oasis: Exploring Black Desert’s mysterious O’dylitta region

With the Heidel ball now a memory, there's much to look forward to in Black Desert Online. Along with a new class...

Black Desert delays season servers on PC, adds Margoria on console, as Shadow Arena sees 5K concurrent players

Black Desert's PC version is gearing up for summer, which means a deluge of events under the "Waiting for Summer" banner. Players...

Black Desert staff help throw a wedding for stuck-at-home players

Turns out Guild Wars 2 wasn't the only MMORPG to host an honest to goodness player wedding this week. Kakao Games let us...