Black Desert hands out powerful items and horses on console, adds more skills to Scholars on PC


There was a lot going on in last week’s Black Desert Console, but just in case it slipped your notice, console players of the sandbox MMORPG are able to get their hands on one of three free dream horses for one character in their family just like their PC brethren. And better yet, this week’s patch continues handing out the goodies because having a potent weapon is the perfect accessory for a powerful pony.

As of this update, console players of BDO can now select from a selection of TET IV blackstar weapons or 10 enhancement boosting items when they hit level 61 and complete specific pre-requisite quests. One character in a family can also get a buff-granting Vell’s Heart alchemy stone as well as a giant stack of stone enhancing materials for simply hitting level 56. Finally, every console player is getting a season server ticket to make one seasonal server character if they so choose.

There’s obviously more than freebies for this week, as the MMORPG has also improved the usability of large ship, adjusted drop rates for a variety of items, applied another set of class updates, and crushed a list of bugs. But as usual it’s all about that free horse.

Meanwhile in the PC version’s weekly patch, it’s mostly about giving the Scholar new skills in the form of three Rabram skills and three Black Spirit Rage skills, as well as another series of tweaks to existing skills. The patch also consolidates elixirs into one bottle (instead of individual and party versions), adds a new inventory tab, lets more items stack in the inventory, and adds a new and improved galley ship for players to go for.

sources: press release, BDO console site (1, 2), BDO PC site
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