Black Desert PC launches the Scholar, opens a new season server, and hands out powerful ponies

Please, hammers, do hurt 'em


There’s a mighty update waiting in the PC version of Black Desert this week, arriving with all of the impact of a hammer strike, which makes sense because the new patch has launched the Scholar class that debuted at the recent Calpheon Ball, so now players can stop watching videos and instead control the dual hammer-swinging character directly.

As with other new class arrivals to the MMORPG, the Scholar’s launch is being celebrated with a special leveling event that grants extra in-game goodies for bringing a Scholar up through several level milestones, but those who reach level 60 will also be entered into a raffle for an AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D video card. And speaking of leveling up, the patch has also brought on a new season server and begun several events that give new arrivals extra rewards, a blackstar weapon, and tuvala gear. There’s also goodies and discounts in Saint Patrigio’s shop for Christmas.

On top of all of the extra XP and rewards being tossed about, Pearl Abyss is further handing players a free dream horse of their choice that has 100% mastery in all skills as well as several important pieces of horse gear and five mythical censers to attempt to change the dream horse into a mythical horse. The freebie is available only once per family and can be accessed via the Challenge tab.

Other features of note in this week’s patch include another series of class adjustments, improved Arena of Solare matchmaking, tweaks to large ship skills to make them easier to use, and a few general adjustments. In short, this patch has hammers to swing, freebies to collect, and horsies to claim.

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