Black Desert reveals new classes, new Land of the Morning Light region, and gameplay adjustments


This year’s Calpheon Ball event for Black Desert promised to be another showcase full of reveals, and it most definitely delivered as Pearl Abyss introduced a new region in the Land of the Morning Light, unveiled two new classes, and offered up details on quality-of-life adjustments to various aspects of the MMORPG.

First off, the presentation introduced the new Scholar class, a female character who apparently will teach enemies lessons by swinging a pair of hammers around. The presentation also confirmed the upcoming arrival of a male class that wields a sword, a pipe, and the power of Do, which regular players will know as the power that the existing Maegu uses. The Scholar will arrive to the game on December 20th following a Global Lab test on December 17th, while the male Do wielder arrives in the Part 2 update to Land of the Morning Light.

Speaking of that Part 2 update, Pearl Abyss showed off a new region arriving to the realm: Seoul. Unsurprisingly, this area is once again inspired by real-world Korean locations, specifically the main royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty, and will once more draw from Korean mythology for its forthcoming bosses. The update will also bring Black Shrine content for guilds to take on and a new tier of weapons for players to chase after.

The vast majority of the presentation focused on adjustments and quality-of-life features across various facets of BDO: Quick travel will be refined in multiple ways, efforts are being made to pare down item bloat, new inventory features will be introduced, monster grind zones are getting buffs, life skills are getting some QoL updates while the general trade system is being removed for a rework, and balancing updates are coming to node and conquest wars to shake things up.

There are a lot of features for fans to pore over, so they’ll want to head to some helpful synopses assembled by Redditors and the Black Desert Foundry. Otherwise, there are some videos of the Scholar in action below.

sources: Black Desert Foundry, Reddit, YouTube (1, 2)
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