Indie mobile MMORPG Eterspire switches to active combat model and releases on Android


Over the past couple of years, we’ve been keeping tabs on Eterspire, an indie mobile MMORPG effort from Stonehollow Workshop that first entered our coverage in February 2022; our most recent reports saw the game shift from a browser title to a mobile-only game earlier this year and make its full release on iOS in September.

Since then there have been a number of significant updates to this plucky little game, starting with a wholesale combat model change from a passive auto-attack system to more active combat. The new battle system was a highlight of a Reddit thread where the devs report the change as well-received and espoused the various adjustments that made combat more fun, such as mobs now having solid geometry as opposed to being things player characters could walk through.

Other major combat-related updates include three class archetypes built around different weapon types (light, balanced, and heavy weapons for Rogues, Warriors, and Guardians respectively), with different weapons now granting different combat skills. Other patches boast over 100 new quests, unique weapons for each archetype, additional unique drops from mobs, some monster level rebalancing, and a host of tweaks to status effect length and damage.

Finally, Eterspire has finally made its release to Android devices. The MMORPG is free-to-play and can be downloaded from the Google Play store right now.

sources: official site (1, 2), Reddit, Twitter
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