Monster mashing MMO Chimeraland plans a summer launch, opens pre-registration to NA and EU players

Are you eager to create acts of sacrilege against the natural order because you want two monsters to smoosh together and create a whole...

Pokemon Go’s Niantic might be exploring NFT and crypto-infused AR games

We've noted before that Niantic leadership is heroically awful at reading the freaking room on a number of matters, so perhaps it should come...

Microsoft will ‘pivot away’ from its plans for a standalone cloud streaming games device

Earlier this month, insider scuttlebutt talked up Microsoft's plans to launch a standalone TV device in the next 12 months that would let players...
Cross it out.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available now on mobile devices

If you're a big fan of the Ni no Kuni franchise and the general collaboration between anime legends Studio Ghibli (behind so many classic...

Niantic’s Campfire social media platform will let Pokemon GO players chat and connect

Niantic, the developer of AR mobile games Ingress, Pokemon Go, and Pikmin Bloom, has made some major AR gaming-related announcements during a Lightship Summit...
I blew things up!

Apex Legends Mobile releases to mostly positive gameplay reviews and frustration with microtransactions

Last week saw the worldwide launch of Apex Legends Mobile, bringing the high-speed battle royale shooter to Android and iOS devices in what's called...

Choose My Adventure: Final Fantasy XI’s PlayOnline decides to not let me play online

This was not how I was expecting to return to Final Fantasy XI. I always knew about the completely goofball account system that is...

EVE Echoes tests balance changes for the entire game, EVE Online starts testing capital ship and structure tweaks

The only real constant in the sandboxes of EVE Online is change, and there are changes coming to both the base PC game as...

Pixil Online is a free-to-play pixel graphics open world MMORPG for Android devices

There's always something charming about 16-bit pixel graphic MMORPGs for me. Maybe it's all of my years playing SNES JRPGs, or the hours I've...

Bungie files a lawsuit against 10 people allegedly responsible for recent DMCA video strikes

Last week there were reports that fans of Destiny and even developer Bungie itself were on the receiving end of DMCA-led video takedowns. At...

Diablo Immortal opens pre-registrations on the App Store as June 30 launch rumors swirl

Cue the "It's happening!" gifs because Diablo Immortal opened up pre-registrations on the App Store this week, which follows a similar tactic on Google...

Apple seeks to throw out Epic’s appeal of anti-trust lawsuit, and the case may not be heard until next year

Oh you thought this story was over? Oh, my sweet summer child; you don't have two kaiju-sized corporations have the legal equivalent of a...

Massive Apex Legends leak uncovers multiple new characters, maps, and weapons

There are leaks, and then there's the digital version of a dam breaking. The latter appears to be the case for battle royale shooter...

Niantic suspends Pokemon Go and Ingress in Russia, donates to support Ukraine

Late last week, Niantic announced that it was pulling its massively online alternate reality games from Russia and Belarus following Russia's invasion of Ukraine....

Side-scrolling 2-D MMO Element Quest has relaunched as Sunset World Online

You'd be forgiven for having missed Element Quest, the 2-D platforming MMO inspired by MapleStory that released in November 2021 and then shut down...

Slash & Roll is a guild vs. guild mobile MMORPG where 12-sided dice rolls power everything

Who needs things like tactics, planning, and forethought when you can simply toss some math rocks around to make your decisions? That's the (very)...

Google has ‘deprioritized’ Stadia, pivots to offer cloud gaming white labeling

The drawing down of Google Stadia has reached what appears to be its expected and inevitable end. As first reported by Business Insider, and...

Not So Massively: Hearthstone’s Lunar New Year, Apex Legend’s Defiance, LoL’s Renata

Welcome back to a quick roundup of news and events in the Not-So-Massively multiplayer realm! Hearthstone - Lunar New Year begins in Blizzard's OTCG as...

Massively on the Go: Orna vs. Pokemon GO in the battle of the MMOARGs

I've recently been playing Orna: The GPS RPG as a way to further explore a genre that's still small and niche, but studios keeps trying...

35 states and the US Justice Department back Epic’s appeal in Epic v. Apple lawsuit

We knew the Epic v. Apple lawsuit wasn't entirely over in spite of the ruling, as both parties planned to appeal, but this latest...