Indie MMORPG Eterspire celebrates its full release on iOS after three years of development


Do you remember Eterspire? We first heard about this charming indie MMORPG back in February 2022, then peered back in a year later, but work on it from the two-person team at Stonehollow Workshop started as far back as February 2021. Now, after just over three years of work, the game has officially left early access and arrived to iOS.

Stonehollow Workshop recounted its journey in a Reddit thread, chronicling its browser-based start, its ultimate move to mobile platforms exclusively, and all of its various visual and feature improvements along the way. The team lauds continued support for the MMO in recent updates, like a new login screen, rebalancing, and various quality-of-life updates.

The post closes with the promise of an Android version releasing in beta in the coming months, as well as a roadmap of updates that include combat improvements and more story content. In the meanwhile, it’s available free-to-play on the App Store now for those who are curious.

source: official site via Reddit
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