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Equestrian MMO Star Stable counts 25M registered users as it finally lands on Android

I know it's 2023, and the trend of launching a mobile client for a game for iOS but not Android seems like a distant...

Mobile vehicle battler Modern Warships makes its PC crossplay open beta debut

If you're the sort of player who likes Gaijin Entertainment's mobile vehicle battler Modern Warships enough that you want to play it on different...

Indie MMORPG Eterspire celebrates its full release on iOS after three years of development

Do you remember Eterspire? We first heard about this charming indie MMORPG back in February 2022, then peered back in a year later, but...

The Division Resurgence confirms gameplay mechanics, June 13 regional beta, and fall release window

A big info drop for mobile multiplayer looter shooter The Division Resurgence has landed on our heads this week, providing a whole slew of...

Pow Vista is an open beta mobile MMO that blends skateboarding, old-school combat, and creature collecting

Skateboarding, mobile MMO gaming, combat reminiscent of Old School RuneScape, and Pokemon-like creature collecting mechanics is quite the ingredients list for a game stew,...
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Appellate court reaffirms Apple’s store is not monopolist but must still allow third-party purchasing options

The three year-long legal fight between Apple and Epic finally made another step forward yesterday, but since it has been that long, allow us...
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Noah’s Heart kicks off its soft launch today in Europe

It's time to start playing Noah's Heart! For some people. Specifically, it's time to start playing Noah's Heart if you're in Poland, Italy, the...
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The Division Resurgence is announced as a new title for mobile platforms

Want to be able to have all of the city-reclaiming goon-shooting fun of The Division with you on the road? Ubisoft is ready to...

Grab a Mobile Royale welcome pack from IGG and MassivelyOP

IGG has a fresh bundle of Mobile Royale goodies for our readers! The game is a mobile multiplayer 3-D strategy MMO on iOS and...
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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available now on mobile devices

If you're a big fan of the Ni no Kuni franchise and the general collaboration between anime legends Studio Ghibli (behind so many classic...
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Blizzard announces Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a new strategy game for mobile devices

Had you forgotten that today was the reveal of Blizzard's upcoming Warcraft mobile game? Well it's here now. Warcraft Arclight Rumble is its name, and strategic...
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Don’t worry, Apple, Roblox likes you instead of Epic in the appeals process

So back when Epic appealed against the ruling in the Epic vs. Apple case - you know, the case that you thought was over...

Avatar: Reckoning looks like a mobile MMO with shooter vibes, backed by Disney and Tencent

If you are one of those people who's always wanted an MMORPG based on the movie Avatar and the world of Pandora, well, prepare...

Critter taming cross-platform MMO Chimeraland has officially launched on mobile and PC

Last July we threw our spotlight on Chimeraland, an interesting-sounding open world MMO arriving to iOS, Android, and PC with a primary hook of...

Jagex will publish indie RuneScape spinoff called Melvor Idle

Remember back in January when we covered Melvor Idle, an idle game fan project that was overtly inspired by RuneScape? Well, here's a batch...

Shop Titans crafts a new logo and teases ‘bigger news’ on the horizon

Once in a while, you need to take a break from the stress of constant adventures and danger, perhaps to pursue the life of...

Sprite Fantasia is a mobile remake of the MMORPG Grand Fantasia now available for pre-registration

Grand Fantasia isn't a game that crosses our news room very often, but it very much is still a thing. We've covered it as...
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Perfect World Revolution is available for everyone to play now with one hand

You want to play an MMORPG of some kind, any kind, but you also have a delicious sandwich to eat. What can you do...

Chimeraland is an open-world cross-platform MMO with a focus on taming critters

Chimeraland is a relatively new MMO on the scene that's looking to bring a unique-looking PC and mobile game to market. The game is inspired...

Black Desert’s companion app, Black Desert+, is available now

If you play a lot of Black Desert, you might wish there were a way to get a little bit more of the game even...