Pow Vista is an open beta mobile MMO that blends skateboarding, old-school combat, and creature collecting


Skateboarding, mobile MMO gaming, combat reminiscent of Old School RuneScape, and Pokemon-like creature collecting mechanics is quite the ingredients list for a game stew, but developer Closed on Sunday and his small team has thought to toss all of these things together to create Pow Vista, a new mobile MMO title that’s in open beta for iOS and Android.

Here’s the elevator pitch courtesy of Reddit:

“[Pow Vista] has Pokemon mechanics for attack and defense elemental bonuses and the art style of the game is inspired by the Soul Silver/Heart Gold games. Plus, Pow Vista’s combat system looks a lot like Runescape (OSRS), & uses a similar skill and experience system.”

Pow Vista offers plenty of unique critters to befriend, an open world to explore with other players through cross-play, questing that promises to challenge “skateboarding prowess and strategic thinking,” and unique collectibles like skateboards and hoodies. The game is free-to-play with a cosmetics-only battle pass monetization model, but the lead dev is apparently willing to hand out enough in-game currency to pay for the current battle pass season to those who DM him on Reddit.

As for the game’s updates, most of those are detailed on the official Discord, with the most recent one adding a trade system and a related Skater’s Market that lets players trade hoodies and skateboards with one another or sell their cosmetics for gold. Other recent updates have included a new forest level, the development of new skills, and a lot of bug fixing. The game also frequently runs “drop party” events that hand out limited and unique cosmetics to those who attend – and no, it does not appear that any of these items are limited due to blockchain tech; they’re just handed out in-game in small numbers.

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