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Starborne celebrates its milestones after more than three weeks of beta

It's not quite been a full month since Starborne launched into open beta, but the developers are already happy to celebrate about how...

Space MMORTS Starborne is a ‘go’ for open beta

Space: It's pretty big. And cold. Also, hot. Also, it smells like burnt metal. Also, it's the setting for Solid Clouds' MMORTS,
Scratching an itch.

Phantasy Star Online 2 introduces its ‘scratch tickets’ lockboxes as the open beta kicks off

The open beta for Phantasy Star Online 2 has kicked off today on the Xbox One, with Windows 10 still listed as "coming...
Holiday road.

Phantasy Star Online 2 can be pre-loaded now for the open beta

The open beta for Phantasy Star Online 2 is finally arriving in North America at 9:00 p.m. EDT on March 17th. But you...
Very, very, very late.

Phantasy Star Online 2 starts an open beta test on March 17

It's time to open the doors to Phantasy Star Online 2. Or nearly time, at least; the game's open beta testing is kicking off...

Ever, Jane improves its frame rate, but its horses be crazy

Quick, what's your best stat? Is it strength? Dexterity? A wicked high intelligence? Well, if you're playing Ever, Jane, then you better respec...
I'm sure this is fine.

Bless Unleashed announces combat changes arriving to the first open beta

The upcoming open beta for Bless Unleashed has a fair bit riding on it, since this really-not-the-original-game-we-promise title doesn't exactly have an unblemished legacy...

Eternal Magic moves into open beta today – here’s the new trailer

Good news, fans of optimization: Eternal Magic is moving into open beta today, and one of the elements that it's boasting is that...

Steambirds Alliance is a new co-op bullet-hell shooter from the creators of Realm of the Mad God

The creators of Realm of the Mad God are back with another chaotic co-op bullet hell, but this time they're abandoning the realm...

Dauntless details dye-system rework in latest dev blog

Fashion has always been a big part of Dauntless -- after all, defending the last bastions of humanity is great and all, but...

Red Dead Online is giving you 100 RDO bucks and adding some new fashion

The ever-important decision of what to wear when you're ruthlessly gunning folks down or trying to do a spot of bungee jumping in...

Guardians of Ember kicks off its do-over open beta with more localization support

No, your mind isn't slipping and the Matrix is not glitching; Guardians of Ember has just gone into open beta. Again. You might...

Space MUD Starmourn adds Bounty Hunters, new zones, and more

How is it that there's a gigantic new space MMO with a dozen playable races, starship combat, exploration, trading, and even hacking on the...

Dauntless previews the new loadout system coming in its next update

If clothes maketh the man, then gear maketh the slayer, which is why Dauntless is revamping its loadout system and UI to make...
This could be darker.

The Division 2 reveals its post-launch plans as it gears up for open beta

Although Ubisoft's upcoming MMO shooter The Division 2 isn't set to launch for another week and change, the studio is already setting...
Forget it, back to the last place.

The Division 2’s open beta is coming this weekend, and it’s bringing all-new content

If you're interested in taking The Division 2 for a spin ahead of its March 15th release but weren't able to take part...

The Division 2 has plenty to keep you occupied at endgame

With open beta right around the corner, The Division 2 is hoping to make a strong impression on the gaming community and...
Capital idea!

The Division 2 announces its open beta starting on March 1

Everything old is new again, and The Division 2 is following in the footsteps of its predecessor with the addition of an...
It goes clicky.

Anthem starts its demos on January 25

Whether you're already so far on-board for Anthem that you've already pre-ordered it or you're waiting to see how the actual game works out,...

MIA Online goes into no-wipe open beta on Android

If your name is Mia and you've been waiting your entire life to get the recognition you felt you deserved, then today is your......