Duel Revolution is an indie Pokemon-like MMORPG for PC and mobile that’s currently in open beta


Are you looking for another Pokemon-styled MMORPG but aren’t really keen on the currently available option? Then perhaps you should aim your critter catching eyes in the direction of Duel Revolution, a pixel-art monster taming MMORPG that’s headed for PC, iOS, and Android devices at some point in 2023.

Duel Revolution lets players find and catch up to 50 different Evo creatures, improve them through 12 levels’ worth of skill trees, and roam the world for PvE missions or PvP contests, all with a real-time combat model that tries to keep the pace of fights high. The devs also promise to bring “regular updates and fresh content to keep the game exciting.”

This new MMO comes from the two-person indie studio Game Matter, which has been working on the project since 2014. After roughly 10 years of work, it’s now available to play in open beta on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC, all of which can be accessed via direct download on its website. Duel Revolution is also available for wishlisting on Steam for those who would prefer to wait until the full game releases.

sources: official site and Steam via Reddit, thanks to Protobear for the tip!
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