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Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go finally confirms datamined features for June

You'll all be surprised, I'm sure, to learn that Pokemon Go and Niantic did not do anything during our month-long coverage blackout here in...

Massively on the Go: Top 5 features location-based games need use more

In our last Massively on the Go, we talked about the top five features location-based games keep using but shouldn't. The genre is relatively...

Massively on the Go: Five features location-based MMOs keep using – but shouldn’t

I was hoping to cover a couple of other location-based games besides Jurassic World Alive this month, but as I played them, there were a...

Pokemon HOME connection to Scarlet and Violet coming very soon

It's happening: Pokemon HOME is finally going to connect with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with the next patch, originally announced for May 24th but now moved to soon™....

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet brings paradox elephants across worlds

There are apparently still more 'mon to be had in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. We're a bit late with Chestnaught, but it'll be returning...

Peridot, Niantic’s newest Pokemon Go lookalike, is live on iOS and Android today

A year ago, Pokemon Go and Ingress studio Niantic announced a new MMOARG not attached to an existing IP: Peridot. The pitch was that...

Whatever happened to Digimon Masters, the Digimon MMO?

The Digimon franchise always feels like a third chair to the Pokemon behemoth, but it still has fans enough to warrant new games and...
Please get out of my yard.

Pokemon Go pushes back against ‘incorrect’ estimates that its revenue has dropped this year

Pokemon Go developer Niantic is a private company, which means that it doesn't share its quarterly financial reports with anyone since it's not being...

Massively on the Go: WalkScape’s Schamppu wants game to walk the fitness walk

It turns out I wasn't alone in WalkScape piquing my curiosity, so those of you who are intrigued by a new RuneScape-inspired walking-centric MMOARG...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s May lineup embraces Niantic’s bugs

As I noted in my last Massively on the Go column, for the entire month of May, this column will not be covering Pokemon Go, as Niantic...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet takes aim again with Ice Inteleon

First we had an archer Mightiest Mark 'mon, but The Pokemon Company and Game Freak are turning things up by upgrading to Ineleon, the...

Pokemon Go’s Niantic pushes Marvel World of Heroes into beta, announces Monster Hunter Now

Niantic is continuing is thus far unsuccessful attempts to make MMOARGs besides one attached to the Pokemon IP happen following the flop of its...

Why I Play: Pokemon Go (and why I shouldn’t)

I won't lie: Many, many problems with Niantic often cause me to re-evaluate why I continue to play Pokemon GO, especially in recent weeks....

Massively Overthinking: How to alienate your MMORPG playerbase

I am not a Pokemon Go player, but I can't help but stare at its many trainwrecks thanks to the detailed coverage of our...

Pokemon Go pulls a Fortnite by opening its own store in some regions

As first reported by Pokemon GO Hub, Niantic has announced it's opening separate out-of-game store for its MMOARPG Pokemon GO. Readers will recall that...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Typhlosion summons ghost of former self for raids

Good news for players who enjoyed the Hisuian pokemon typings in Pokemon Legends: Arceus: The next tera raid event for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet...
Time to poke on home.

The MOP Up: Pokemon Go and the mystery of the missing 15-foot spoon

A Pokemon Go player helped solve a bizarre mystery: A 52-year-old man playing the MMOARG stumbled upon a massive 15-foot red spoon near a...

Massively Overthinking: Tabletop and boardgames for MMORPG players

Last week, following the crowdfunding of an Elder Scrolls boardgame, the MOP staff got derailed by a discussion on boardgame prices (it's expensive, y'all)....

Massively Overthinking: The dumbest conversations in your main MMO’s general chat

Last week, in a thread about one of Diablo IV's many rivals, MOP commenter Greaterdivinity noted that chat in the game was exhausting because...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s April schedule is hopefully a joke

While there's always hope for a good April Fools' Day prank, Pokemon Go's April Schedule doesn't have one listed, at least not yet. Unfortunately,...