2-D Pokemon-like MMORPG Duel Revolution makes its full release on PC and mobile March 1

Get to it.

Last October we got our first peek at Duel Revolution, a 2-D creature-capturing MMORPG that promises 50 different Evo creatures that can be improved through 12 levels’ worth of skill trees and a game world full of PvE missions or PvP contests, all with a real-time combat model. At the time of original reporting, the game was in an open beta, but now the two-person team at Game Matter is ready to fully release the title on Friday, March 1st.

“In Duel Revolution players are diving into a rich world of adventure, exploration, and strategic dueling. As duelists, players will navigate a life filled with challenges and excitement, including the collection and customization of various creatures known as Evo. The game focuses not just on climbing the ranks but on the full experience of being a duelist – forming alliances, embarking on quests, and expressing oneself through extensive customization options.”

The launch announcement promises an expansive world that will evolve regularly with new quests, creatures, and territories to discover; a breeding system that lets players refine their favorite Evo monsters; a “robust” crafting system that provides useful gear; and dynamic day and night cycles that affects gameplay, creature appearances, and quests.

Duel Revolution will make its free-to-play release on iOS, Android, and PC via Steam.

sources: press release, Reddit
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