Snag a Mythic Heroes gift bundle from IGG and MOP

If multiplayer idler RPGs are your jam, we have a fresh round of freebies for you: IGG had granted us a stack of gift...

Diablo IV talks up player choice in PvE and endgame while Diablo Immortal rakes in $24M in revenue

The devs of Diablo IV are hitting the press trail, putting out interviews and previews of the multiplayer ARPG ahead of its 2023 release...

The MOP Up: MU Origin 3 ‘launches’ into open beta

The latest chapter of the MU saga is here, as MU Origin 3 launched its open beta this past week. Players can now check...

Grab a Mobile Royale welcome pack from IGG and MassivelyOP

IGG has a fresh bundle of Mobile Royale goodies for our readers! The game is a mobile multiplayer 3-D strategy MMO on iOS and...
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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available now on mobile devices

If you're a big fan of the Ni no Kuni franchise and the general collaboration between anime legends Studio Ghibli (behind so many classic...
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Warcraft Arclight Rumble tweaks closed beta as advance reviews trickle in

Closed beta testing is well underway for Blizzard's latest mobile game, and it sounds as though the studio might be listening to players as...
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Apex Legends Mobile releases to mostly positive gameplay reviews and frustration with microtransactions

Last week saw the worldwide launch of Apex Legends Mobile, bringing the high-speed battle royale shooter to Android and iOS devices in what's called...

Diablo Immortal plans to roll out to the rest of Asia Pacific in late June

You may have missed it in the announcement that Diablo Immortal will launch on June 2nd, but this release won't be a global rollout....

Mu Origin 3 launches May 26, with mobile preregistration already underway

Did the MU series need another entry? Can you even count up all the games in the franchise? I could try, but I'd probably miss...

Cozy open-world mobile MMO Noah’s Heart just launched its second closed beta

Noah's Heart first rolled onto our radar back in 2020 as Archosaur Games' Unreal Engine 5 mobile MMO with plenty of steampunk-fantasy flair, a...

Pet-gathering open world MMO Chimeraland announces NA release plans, starts Canadian closed beta

Over the course of the past year we've been covering the progress of Chimeraland, an open world cross-platform MMO coming to PC, iOS, and...
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Blizzard announces Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a new strategy game for mobile devices

Had you forgotten that today was the reveal of Blizzard's upcoming Warcraft mobile game? Well it's here now. Warcraft Arclight Rumble is its name, and strategic...

Snag a new-player bonus pack key for IGG’s multiplayer Castle Clash

IGG's PC-and-mobile multiplayer battle royale Castle Clash has a fresh round of keys for in-game items for our readers to give you a leg...

MMOARPG Diablo Immortal launches June 2 – the same day its PC open beta begins

Buried in this morning's frankly disastrous Activision-Blizzard quarterly financial report is some actual good news for gamers (and Blizzard itself, which could use a...

Pixil Online is a free-to-play pixel graphics open world MMORPG for Android devices

There's always something charming about 16-bit pixel graphic MMORPGs for me. Maybe it's all of my years playing SNES JRPGs, or the hours I've...

Old School RuneScape kicks off its Easter event, adjusts Revenant Caves, and renames combat achievements

The Easter bunny in Old School RuneScape sounds like kind of an idiot. A good-natured idiot, but an idiot nonetheless. See, he wanted to...

Niantic’s new MMOARG Peridot looks… kinda just like Pokemon Go

You know what Niantic could really use? An MMOARG about "caring for, raising, and breeding adorable one-of-a-kind creatures in your hands." You know, you...

Old School RuneScape talks Android open beta, new quest, and future content

Jagex presumably loves to dish out newsletters, and the studio has a lot to talk about regarding Old School RuneScape if the March edition...

Grab a new-player welcome pack key from IGG’s multiplayer Castle Clash

We can't file this one under MMO, but multiplayer surely: It's IGG's PC-and-mobile multiplayer battle royale Castle Clash, and the studio has dropped a...

Old School RuneScape brings its Android version into open beta

If you're looking for some old school MMORPG gaming on your Android mobile device, one could certainly do worse than the kind of experience...