NetEase’s post-apoc survival shooter Once Human opens mobile pre-registration


If you’ve been hoping to experience some SCP-style weirdness on your mobile device, then you’ll be happy to note that the post-apocalyptic survival shooter Once Human has since become available for pre-registration on iOS and Android devices. Which is basically mobile gaming’s version of wishlisting only with a marketing bent to it.

As with other pre-registration rallies, this one has promised freebies for hitting milestones such as materials, currencies, and skins. As of this writing the game has achieved over 13M such sign-ups, which has nearly unlocked all of the gubbins that players could care to collect; the final one, a pair of gloves, becomes available at 20M pre-registrations. NetEase is further excitedly swinging numbers around as weapons, noting over 200K players in its last closed beta and an “eager” community of over 400K global fans in its Discord.

As for the mobile version of Once Human, the game is promising seamless control and cross-platform play functionality, yet what it’s not offering is a launch date for the game; Steam is still projecting a third quarter release, while the Apple Store lists August 8th. Regardless of when this is happening, the big excitable pre-registration campaign is on.

sources: press release, Steam, Apple App Store
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