Diablo IV makes its new Masterworking crafting skill cheaper to use


Now that Diablo IV’s item game-reshaping Loot Reborn update has had some time to settle into the ARPG’s landscape, the studio is taking the time to refine it with the arrival of Patch 1.4.1 on May 28th.

The big change here is that Blizzard is lowering the gold cost of its new Masterworking profession, saying, “We want to make the main push for Masterworking to be focused on the acquisition of materials, and less focused on needing the gold. We want to avoid the possibility of having the materials available but needing to take extra time to collect the gold.”

Additionally, Patch 1.4.1 will buff up Hellborne enemies in Helltide, make the Masterworking unlock account-wide, increase the surge damage from Sorcerer’s Enhanced Charged bolts, consolidate tooltips for stat comparisons, and lower the Whisper bounty requirements for defeating Hellborne.

Source: Diablo
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