Myth of Empires grants a more granular look at its PvP season server’s mechanics


This past Saturday saw Myth of Empires launch its first-ever region-free PvP season servers, and while that announcement did grant some broad overviews of how it would be different from regular servers, Angela Game has since put out a significantly more detailed look at what these seasonal servers offer.

Pretty much every facet of character progress has been significantly boosted, while things like expertise costs, crafting time, and horse revival time have been significantly reduced. In addition, equipped gear and items in a character’s hotbar don’t drop on death and instead suffer a 10% durability reduction.

The post also granted another rundown of the phased protection mechanics that time-limit siege weapon damage and building damage while granting longer protection times for boundary markers, all in an effort to see players ramp up into more balanced battlefield competition as the season moves forward. The post additionally talks about specific siege engine changes, particularly in the case of the battering ram, then closes with a long table that showcases each of the server’s settings for those who like their information in spreadsheet form.

The PvP season will run until July 29th, with the first tweaks to the aforementioned phased protection happening after the first week, so if you’re looking for an ideally balanced PvP battlefield, you should probably get moving.

source: Steam
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