Old School RuneScape rebalance skills and improves multiple minigames


The dials continue to be turned in Old School RuneScape’s latest patch as the MMORPG is keeping up with its Project Rebalance work for skills and turns its attention to making minigames better.

In terms of skilling updates, things appear to be getting even more granular than usual this time around, with changes to the Expert Mining Gloves item, hotfixes for the Zolcano mining location and Brimhaven agility dungeon, and even further reductions to pickpocketing fail rate. The patch has also changed loot tables for fever spiders in an effort to stop them from becoming “risk-free AFK moneymakers.”

As for minigame improvements, most of those are focused on the Trouble Brewing minigame, which now awards XP for a wide assortment of skilling professions in the game and moves the minigame’s associated currency out of player inventories and into their account wallets. Further adjustments have been made to Clan Wars, the Tithe Farm, Guardians of the Rift, and Tears of Guthix as well.

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