Official Site: RuneScape
Studio: Jagex Games Studio
Launch Date: January 4, 2001
Genre: Fantasy Sandbox
Business Model: Hybrid F2P (Optional Sub, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Browser

Old School RuneScape previews a new runecraft minigame, unleashes League III patch

Those who pursue the skill line of runecrafting in Old School RuneScape can probably appreciate that leveling the skill is a pretty arduous endeavor....
Sure, you get a nod this year.

RuneScape is getting a Steamforged Games-crafted tabletop game and board game

If you've been hankering for another version of RuneScape to play, Jagex is granting you your wish, though it's not a PC game this...
Yeah, that makes sense.

Old School RuneScape outlines Shattered Relics League fixes, starts returning lost items in Group Ironman storage

Old School RuneScape has been busy fixing, patching, and correcting a gaggle of bugs according to a recent update post from Jagex. The post...
This may just be bad.

Old School RuneScape launches and then immediately rolls back its Leagues III event

Today was the much-vaunted launch of Old School RuneScape's Leagues III event, a seasonal progression event in which players are challenged to take on the...

RuneScape talks up the first Ninja Strike update of 2022 and Oasis Restoration community rewards

New year, new Ninja Strike update to RuneScape! The game's latest weekly newsletter is heralding the first "scattershot" quality-of-life update made by the Ninja...

Old School RuneScape elaborates on loot table adjustments made to Nex

Remember when Old School RuneScape was touting the the addition of Nex to the God Wars dungeon as a "powerful" boss? That assumption did...

Perfect Ten: The best value MMOs at the start of 2022

One of the reasons that I have been a huge fan of MMORPGs for nearly two decades now is that they offer a terrific...

Jagex 2020 financials outline increases in revenue, subscriptions, and microtransaction sales

Yes, we are reporting on financial news coming out of 2020 from RuneScape and Old School RuneScape developer Jagex because said information was only...

Old School RuneScape applies several fixes and tweaks to the Nex fight after player feedback

The last boss of the God Wars dungeon that was recently added to Old School RuneScape has now been more recently adjusted thanks to...

Old School RuneScape unleashes the final boss of its God Wars dungeon

If you've been following along with the opening tiers of Old School RuneScape's God Wars dungeon, today marks the final step in the journey,...

RuneScape destroys its duel arena with an earthquake to replace it with the Het’s Oasis ‘skilling arena’

How do you get rid of a blood-soaked fighting pit? If you're RuneScape, you hit it with a devastating earthquake, apparently. That's precisely what...
Yeah, that makes sense.

Old School RuneScape seeks player input regarding requirements to equip various weapons

As we know by now, Old School RuneScape likes to do things via player committee, asking players to fill out polls or put in...
Ugly ugly ugly.

Old School RuneScape wraps up the year’s updates with a Christmas event

For the final update of the year, Old School RuneScape wants you to learn what it sees as the true meaning of Christmas, which is...

Old School RuneScape adds a Grand Exchange tax and item sink system, proposes death pile changes to Ultimate Ironman

The winds of change are continuing to blow over Old School RuneScape, which shouldn't be a surprise since that's just how MMORPGs roll. Specifically,...

Old School RuneScape fan creates an augmented reality setup to perform digital woodcutting in real life

What do you get when you combine a Switch Joy-Con, a toy axe, a bunch of code linking different apps together, and Old School...
Nin Nin

End-of-year Eleven: The healthiest live MMOs at the end of 2021

Healthy MMOs are a good thing. They have smooth, glossy coats, strong teeth capable of snapping bone, a full-throated call, and it just occurs...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO offers the best console or mobile experience?

Every year when this Daily Grind comes 'round, I have to admit I'm not a heavy console user. I'm a PC girl, and I...

RuneScape kicks off a free death event on December 6 to gather death system data

Nobody wants to die to a boss, especially when dying in RuneScape can come at some fairly high costs to reclaim items. Starting on...

Old School RuneScape shares proposed changes to Group Ironman’s storage, teleport shards, and houses

With Group Ironman mode having been out in the wilds of Old School RuneScape for just about two months now, the devs at Jagex...

Battle Bards Episode 205: Love is in the air

They might not be the most naturally romantic crew at heart, but the Battle Bards have been known to get, er, swoony when love is professed...