Old School RuneScape continues Project Rebalance and Varlamore tweaks in this week’s patch


It’s another patch full of adjustments for Old School RuneScape this week, as Jagex continues to work on its Project Rebalance updates for the MMORPG’s various skills and turn the knobs for the Varlamore zone.

The balance tuning for skills are focused on Slayer, Thieving, Agility, and Mining this time around. Updates include the ability for Slayers to switch between tasks instead of cancelling an existing one, better drop rates for certain Thieving targets, some currency trading features for Agility, and a temporary shutdown of an XP earning benefit for a pair of Mining gloves until more directed changes are applied.

In Varlamore, players can now expect more improvements to Hunters’ Rumors, new higher-level tasks for adept and expert lists, and some targeted adjustments for certain monsters. The zone also got some smaller specific adjustments as well.

Finally the patch features another list of general fixes and adjustments that focus on a Wilderness achievement, fixing chat box weirdness in a specific NPC interaction, and corrections of some UI bugs, among a few other things. As with other OSRS patch notes, thing can get pretty granular.

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