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RuneScape and OSRS are increasing the price of their RMT Bonds

The economy of both RuneScape titles are about to receive a shake-up, as Jagex announced that it's increasing the default price of a bond...
Yeah, that makes sense.

Jagex postpones RuneScape’s in-person RuneFest event after showrunner company implodes

If you're a RuneScape fan who was looking forward to the return of the in-person RuneFest this year after its four year-long hiatus, we...

Land of Might is a ‘retro 16-bit bullet hell roguelike MMORPG’ that can be played in a browser

Here at Massively Overpowered, we cover as much of our genre as we can. Big or small, indie studio or major studio, PC, browser,...

RuneScape opens the Daemonheim Archaeology site, Old School RuneScape readies a mobile UI beta

Sure, a location known as Daemonheim is probably a dangerous place for archaeologists to go sniffing around, but do you really think that will...

RuneScape and Old School RuneScape celebrate Pride Month with colorful new capes and shark plushies

Pride Month events continue across the MMORPG landscape with another pair of celebrations happening in both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape; fans know that...

Cozy MMO Brighter Shores says it’s still on track for a Q3 2024 release

For all of you craving a brand-new MMO that hasn't been delayed to death, here's some promising news: Brighter Shores, the cozy skill-based MMO...

Old School RuneScape rebalance skills and improves multiple minigames

The dials continue to be turned in Old School RuneScape's latest patch as the MMORPG is keeping up with its Project Rebalance work for...

RuneScape surveys players on 2025 plans while locking a YouTuber in an OSRS dungeon for 51 days

Just because Jagex put out a roadmap for RuneScape's development through the remainder of 2024 doesn't mean that the studio can't adjust and maneuver...

Old School RuneScape continues Project Rebalance and Varlamore tweaks in this week’s patch

It's another patch full of adjustments for Old School RuneScape this week, as Jagex continues to work on its Project Rebalance updates for the...
Never gonna get it, never gonna get it.

Perfect Ten: MMORPGs as fast food joints

Sometimes you go out to eat because you want something that's difficult to make on your own or just involves techniques you are unfamiliar...

RuneScape maps out Group Ironman, new bosses, new quests, and new seasonal events for the rest of 2024

Jagex has just completed its 2024 roadmap reveal livestream for RuneScape, and even though we're only just entering the middle part of the year,...

RuneScape improves Rellekka visuals, Old School RuneScape discusses Varlamore’s upcoming group boss

Just because the region of Rellekka in RuneScape is described as a cold and harsh land doesn't mean it shouldn't get a lick of...
Sorry, guy.

Perfect Ten: 10 favorite features that pairs of popular MMOs share

Even though all MMORPGs compete for our time, affection, and -- above all else -- money, it doesn't mean that they can't get along....

Netmarble (not Nexon) is working on a new Game of Thrones MMO

Update: Wccftech is reporting that the original source conflated Nexon and Netmarble; there is still a Game of Thrones MMO coming, but it's apparently...

The MOP Up: Tarisland’s Mr. D fixes the world

Over on Discord, Tarisland continues to walk fans through the history of its world, including the war between powerful beings, including a guy named......

Perfect Ten: Great MMO April Fools’ Day pranks from back in the day

There are two types of people on April 1st: those who are annoyed and indifferent to the tomfoolery going on all around them, and...

RuneScape’s latest quest has players tracking down an undead dragon

You know how it's a bad idea to plunge into a dangerous animal's lair? That rule clearly doesn't apply to a massively powerful undead...

RuneScape cancels summer event in favor of permanent content, OSRS tweaks undead pirates and more

Summer is cancelled. No, we're not just saying that because we don't handle the heat very well; we're saying that the large new summer...

Old School RuneScape unleashes undead pirates on the Wilderness, tweaks Varlamore Colosseum

The Wilderness zone in Old School RuneScape is already a dangerous place on account of it being a PvP location, but thanks to this...

Brighter Shores lead dev highlights ‘room’ transitions and sensing small collectibles

MMORPG fans are kind of left waiting and wondering how Brighter Shores will shake out, particularly as its lead developer Andrew Gower continues to...