Piffsy is a new social MMO with llamas and dancing


My friends, have you heard the word on the cyberstreets about this new social MMO that released a couple weeks ago? It’s called Piffsy, which is definitely a name you want to bandy about on the playground as your friends talk about Fortnite.

Anyway, Piffsy exudes pretty strong Free Realms vibes, with a colorful world, player housing, and an emphasis on minigames. Created by a small indie team, this free-to-play title offers traditional questing, llama mounts, and activities like fishing and dancing.

“It provides a completely Free-to-Play experience, offering a wide range of activities for you to engage in. You can explore, play, create, and connect with other players in a fresh and expansive massively multiplayer open world,” the studio said.

Check out the trailer and see if this game might fill the deep, endless void you have in your life for munchies:

Source: Steam. Thanks Castagere!
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