LOTRO Legendarium: Embracing Lord of the Rings Online’s new class/race combos

Lord of the Rings Online's July through September edition of the Producer's Letter appeared this week, hauling along with it some disappointment, some intrigue,...

Steam’s Summer Sale 2022 slashes prices on New World, Endwalker, Classic Guild Wars, and more

Steam's Summer Sale is upon us once again, and this morning you might even be able to access it without everything timing out! There are...

Massively Overthinking: The second big five MMOs

So here in the MMORPG genre, we've been working under the assumption for the last few years that the "big five" MMOs that dominate...
May foulness attend thee.

US Senator Ted Cruz and Asmongold could have a meeting over gaming microtransaction legislation

It's said that politics makes for strange bedfellows, and there appears to be no better illustration of that axiom than the potential meeting between...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO requires the least math from players?

I have tried to explain to my kids that they will not stop using math in real life, even if they aren't in a...

Into the Super-verse: Is there any hope left for the future of superhero MMOs?

When we got the news in May that EG7 and Daybreak had canned its in-development Marvel MMORPG, I didn't have much of a reaction....

US advocacy groups call upon Federal Trade Commission to investigate EA over FIFA lockboxes

Hot on the heels of Norway's call for lootbox oversight, a non-profit org in the US is now trying to drum up support for...

Fallout 76 goes to ‘Dread Island’ for Season 9’s thematic gameboard

Even if you have less-than-kind thoughts about battle passes and the like in online game, you have to admit that Fallout 76 puts a...

MGI & Gamigo Q1 2022: Atlas Rogues is dead

I'm sorry to report this morning that Gamigo is sunsetting Atlas Rogues. The news came on Memorial Day when nobody in the US was...

The Stream Team: Riding the Trusts train to some Reaper levels in Final Fantasy XIV

Hey kids! Are you sick and tired of waiting forever for a queue to pop whenever you level a DPS class in Final Fantasy...

Perfect Ten: MMO critters so cute it makes your teeth hurt

I vividly remember a conversation I had with my then-girlfriend's parents back in 1996 about the potential of this growing "internet" phenomenon. With my...

Wizard101 drops paid access to PvP, improves spellment drop rates, and opens Angoro’s Tower

When Wizard101 put out its big spring update, a lot of the big-ticket features went over like a lead balloon for most players, including...

Pirate101 talks up new hires, highlights a home decorating contest, and heralds a dev roundtable this week

What's going on in the world of Pirate101? Not much, but developer KingsIsle is still drawing from the fanbase's seemingly endless well of patience...

Wizard101’s spring update makes massive PvP changes, adds cantrip spells, and launches a loyalty program

If you're a player of Wizard101, you've got a whole lot of things waiting for you in the game's spring update. New PvP content,...

Free Realms would’ve turned 13 years old this week if it were still alive

If you were around the MMO genre back in 2009, you might remember when SOE launched Free Realms, a cutesy kid-centric MMORPG that was...

Lord of the Rings Online admits PvP scene is ‘at a crossroads,’ releases 15th anniversary soundtrack

Newly rehired Lord of the Rings Online dev Allan "Orion" Maki popped up on the forums this week to discuss the game's PvP scene...
Why do we even have that lever?

Lost Ark tweaks Express Mission Event rewards, sees concurrency upturn

So you started doing the Express Mission Event on Lost Ark but then realized that you had another character who could benefit way more...
Weedle whee.

Perfect Ten: The 10 stages of the MMO launch journey, from announcement to release

One of the aspects that I love about MMOs is just how dang fun the build-up to launch can be. I know this period...

Wizard101’s Spring Festival returns to feed all of your eggshell fishing needs

The most elusive catch in the waters of Wizard101 is back once more for the spring season. It's time once again for the Spring...

MassivelyOP’s guide to 13 MMORPGs that you can play on Macs

Until I got my first Macbook this past December, I admit that I never really paid attention to what MMOs could be played on...