Heck yeah, Valve is finally fixing Steam Family Sharing so it doesn’t suck

Last night, Valve announced a major - and long-awaited and desperately needed - revamp of its existing "family sharing" system so good that actual,...

Massively Overthinking: Are we ‘optimizing the fun out’ of MMOs?

MMO dev Damion Schubert recently retweeted a thread penned by a user named Zarathustra that presents our Massively Overthinking discussion for the week. Now,...

Wizard101 expands its Steam offering and localization to European players

It's the rare MMORPG that hasn't made its way to Steam by now, but we're adding another one to the list: kid-friendly MMO Wizard101. But...

Tamriel Infinium: Ranking Elder Scrolls Online’s 10 races from worst to best

One thing that I appreciate about Elder Scrolls Online is that any race can be any class. None of that racial or gender-locking for...
I vant you to keel tunnel moose.

Vague Patch Notes: The day I deleted a character in anger in Final Fantasy XI

Today, I'd like to tell you about how your characters in MMOs aren't real, and you know that, but I want you to think...

Perfect Ten: MMORPGs with interesting Guinness World Records

I never quite know how much stock to put in Guinness World Records. I guess it's somewhere between "for amusement value" and "stone cold...

LOTRO Legendarium: 10 ways LOTRO was vastly different at launch

While I would argue that Lord of the Rings Online has grown in a remarkably cohesive way since its launch, what we have here...

Massively Overthinking: Are MMOs suffering from shrinkflation?

So last week we bought some Girl Scout cookies from a neighbor kid, and I was surprised to find out they were only $5...

Vague Patch Notes: MMORPGs and the PC gaming market

I find myself thinking a lot about the MMORPG industry lately and the ways in which the gaming industry as a whole has changed...
Just barely avoided this fate.

Perfect Ten: The MMO franchises that can’t count past two

Back in the day, there was a running joke about how Capcom had shown with Street Fighter that the company could not count higher...

Obituary: Former Free Realms creative director Laralyn McWilliams has passed away

I'm sorry to report this morning that game developer Laralyn McWilliams has passed away at the age of 58. MMO fans will remember her...

The British Army apparently abruptly scuttled its new recruitment game in Fortnite

Games as military recruitment tools aren't entirely new to readers here, primarily in the case of the official US Army FPS series America's Army,...

Global Chat: The EverQuest Fippy Awards

The EverQuest Show is starting the year with a for-fun awards ceremony featuring the two EverQuest MMOs. Who will win? Who will lose? Will this be...

Massively Overthinking: The slowest and fastest combat in MMORPGs

During a recent podcast discussion about City of Heroes' official revival, the MOP writers were talking about its combat, which - let's be honest...
Something fell.

The Game Archaeologist’s ultimate MMO archives v7.0

Once again we put a wrap on another year of MMORPG news, opinions, and -- most pertinent to this column -- history. In a...

One Shots: A beacon for a new year

Welcome to 2024 everyone! Please put your carry-ons safely underneath your seats, secure your kobold companions, and don't hesitate to light a big ball...

Choose My Adventure: Villagers & Heroes starts off feeling like a different game

I admit that it's been a very long time since I had played Villagers & Heroes - since 2020, to be exact - but...

MassivelyOP’s 2023 Golden Yachties: Best Worst MMO Post

We're wrapping up MassivelyOP's not-so-serious end-of-the-year awards today as we present our award for Best Worst MMO Post. Yes, it's the Golden Yachties series,...

MassivelyOP’s 2023 Golden Yachties: The Everyone Saw That Coming award

Welcome back to MassivelyOP's not-so-serious end-of-the-year awards as we present the Everyone Saw That Coming award. Yes, it's the Golden Yachties series, named in...

MassivelyOP’s 2023 Golden Yachties: Most Deserving MMO Steam Ban

Welcome back to MassivelyOP's not-so-serious end-of-the-year awards as we present our award for Most Deserving MMO Steam Ban. Yes, it's the Golden Yachties series,...