Pirate101 launches new story, gear, and deco in today’s Through Death’s Door update


KingsIsle is continuing to make good on its plan to revitalize Pirate101 this week with its new story-driven update, dubbed Through Death’s Door.

“Through Death’s Door seeks to expand the story of Pirate101, with the update serving as the beginning of the game’s second story arc,” the studio says of the new update to its kid-friendly MMO. “Take to the endless skies and journey through a tale laced with mystery, adventure, and good old pirate charm!”

“Kane’s fleet is vanquished, yet the adventures in Pirate101 have only just begun! Following the retrieval of the Eye of the Liger from the rebel leader Klaw the Merciless, eerie echoes of the Pirate’s deceased parents emanate from the mystical stone. Previously warning the young Captain to abandon the quest for El Dorado, their spectral voices now forewarn of imminent peril. Unable to locate the spirits of the Pirate’s parents any longer, mediums suspect foul play — they’ve been seized! But by whom? To unravel this mystery, journey back to Aquila and embark on the perilous trek through the caverns of Tartarus, the dreaded domain of Hades. A daunting adventure awaits all ye salty sky dogs brave enough to set sail!”

Patch notes are already up from the release’s phase on the test server; we spy new housing decor, new gear, new pet snacks (!), and a new music box. Check out the new video too!

Source: Press release, patch notes
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