Zenith offers a preview of a new zone arriving with its next alpha build

All systems appear to be go this time around for the VR MMO Zenith's upcoming alpha test this Saturday, July 24th, and the devs...

One Shots: Fight for your right to party

When a Star Wars: The Old Republic player wants to party -- and with an expansion on the way, it's as good an excuse...

KingsIsle actually updated Pirate101 with new content after a period in maintenance mode

Wizard101 and Pirate101 have had quite a year in 2021 already, what with KingsIsle being bought out by Gamigo's parent company and all. Not...

Sea of Thieves makes several updates to A Pirate’s Life as the Flags of Friendship event is nearly ending

Have you been enjoying your time adventuring with the Pirates of the Caribbean crew in Sea of Thieves? Perhaps your experience will be a...

Black Desert PC adds a buff-granting otter pirate and details the summer season server

Have you ever been the recipient of a sea shanty as sung by a piratical otter that grants you some XP buffs? No? Well...

The Stream Team: A licensed movie tie-in pirate’s life in Sea of Thieves

Yo ho, yo ho, a very specific pirate's life for me! It's time to experience the surprise introduction of the Pirates of the Caribbean...

Massively Overthinking: What class is missing from your favorite MMO?

I've been obsessed with Albion Online the last few weeks - it really feels so much like Ultima Online to me. Ultima Online but...

You can make your Black Desert Corsair right now (and play her next week)

On this week's podcast, we were discussing how few pirate classes there are in MMORPGs despite pirate NPCs being in pretty much all of...

Sea of Thieves kicks off its third season with new goodies, new enemies, and its Pirates of the Caribbean adventure

He's the pauper of the surf, the jester of Tortuga, and as of today he's now officially part of the Sea of Thieves. Today...

Star Citizen outlines improvements to the Xenothreat event and offers a peek at the Ninetails event

If you're among those who believe that dynamic events in Star Citizen have room for improvement, know that folks in CIG agree with you....

Neverwinter answers player questions about endgame, character builds, and more in an AMA

Neverwinter's plans to squish the level cap from 80 to 20 likely raised a lot of questions in the minds of fans (in spite...

Sea of Thieves drops new teaser gallery for A Pirate’s Life

Perhaps the most surprising announcement to come out of E3 2021 for MMO and multiplayer gamers was the news that Sea of Thieves is...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 326: Lost Ark is finally found

Justin and Bree discuss E3 2021, Book of Travels, Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, Diablo II Resurrected, Sea of Thieves, Riders Republic, Transformers Heavy Metal, Albion Online, Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, Lost Ark, Aion Classic, and LOTRO, with adventures in Sims 4, WoW Classic, SWG Legends, Crowfall, and Albion, plus a mailbag topic on difficulty walls in MMOs.

E3 2021: Sea of Thieves kicks off season three with Pirates of the Caribbean collab A Pirate’s Life

I can't be the only person who's been watching Sea of Thieves' lack of content lately and wondered what the heck Rare is doing...

Blizzard is already cracking down on Diablo II Resurrected modders and hackers

Apparently, Blizzard has decided to crack all the way down on the modding community that's popped up around Diablo II: Resurrected. Following the technical alpha...

Dungeons and Dragons Online brings the Crystal Cove event back through June 13

Today in low-effort MMO update news, Dungeons and Dragons Online has made a single line-length proclamation to players of the MMORPG: "Crystal Cove has...

Conan Exiles’ Isle of Siptah expansion arrives on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, base game arrives to Xbox Game Pass

The stage has been set on PC, it's been forged in the crucible of early access on PC, and now a new land awaits...
sky boats

Star Citizen provides a detailed look at the systems that will power AI, dynamic events, and the economy

Fans of Star Citizen got a truly massive info dump thrown on them by way of a recent video from Persistent Universe director Tony...

Torchlight III’s spring update drops next week with a new class that summons ghost pirates

Magic Legends and Champions Online aren't the only PWE titles getting love this month: Torchlight III is destined for its spring update next week...

Desert Oasis: So Black Desert wants to be an esport now

Even though the San Francisco Giants threw away a 6-2 lead against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Saturday, the real highlight of my weekend was...