The Stream Team: Setting a trap in the scrapyard in Guild Wars 2

Having found the perfect bait to lure Ankka of the Aetherblades out in Guild War's 2's End of Dragons (hey, Canach's party boat has...

Dual Universe answers player questions about griefing, alien core unit balance, and server wipes

Dual Universe has seen fit to launch a new series of videos called Ask Aphelia, which collect player questions and then answers them. The...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 374: Star Citizen, one decade later

Justin and Bree discuss the state of Star Citizen, Final Fantasy XI's 20th birthday, Guild Wars 2's Sky Pirates, DDO's Isle of Dread, and EVE Online's EVE Anywhere, plus a mailbag topic on struggling with single-player games in the wake of MMOs.

Flameseeker Chronicles: Touring Guild Wars 2’s restored living world season 1, Sky Pirates

Ready for another trip down Guild Wars 2's memory lane, or, perhaps, to experience more of the game's long-lost stories for the first time?...

Guild Wars 2 rolls out its first Elder Dragon legendary skin collection with today’s Sky Pirates launch

With the release of Sky Pirates in Guild Wars 2 today, endgame players who've unlocked Aurene legendaries can finally begin their quest for the...

Guild Wars 2’s Living World Season 1 Sky Pirates episode drops anchor next week

Guild Wars 2 is continuing its rollout of its original living world season 1 from 2013 - but completely reimagined as permanent content -...

Arrrrrrr you ready to get murdered by pirates in Elder Scrolls Online High Isles

We're just a bare few weeks away from the launch's of this year's defining Elder Scrolls Online chapter, High Isle, and ZeniMax Online Studios...

Sea of Thieves prepares for Community Day, tweaks Legend of the Veil voyage, and sells a fish face

There's quite a few different things waiting in the new patch for Sea of Thieves. Whether you're going to join in on Community Day...

Dungeons and Dragons Online starts testing Isle of Dread while LOTRO wraps up its anniversary giveaway

Dinosaurs, cat-people, and mysterious mysteries -- what's not to look forward to with this spring's Dungeons and Dragons Online expansion? With the Isle of...

Pirate101 talks up new hires, highlights a home decorating contest, and heralds a dev roundtable this week

What's going on in the world of Pirate101? Not much, but developer KingsIsle is still drawing from the fanbase's seemingly endless well of patience...

Skull and Bones tester leaks technical test footage of the game’s tutorial introduction

Starting off life as a pirate in Ubisoft's upcoming sandbox Skull and Bones will require players to get themselves acclimated, which generally means there's...

Stick and Rudder: Using No Man’s Sky Outlaws as a way to fill the space sandbox void

Hello Games just keeps on proving itself over and over again. That's been the overall reaction whenever No Man's Sky makes an update from...

Become a pirate or smuggler in today’s No Man’s Sky Outlaws patch

It's a day that ends in Y, which means it's the perfect day for an out-of-the-blue No Man's Sky update! Look, Hello Games just...

Sea of Thieves celebrates 1 million Pirate Legends with a variety of in-game events

The Sea of Thieves has one million Pirate Legends - aka high-level players, insofar as "level" means anything in a game with no vertical...

The Stream Team: Spies and jumping puzzles in Dungeons & Dragons Online

The Blood Tide still ebbs! Just because Massively OP's MJ saved House Deneith's outpost in DDO, doesn't mean there's not more to that story...

Blade & Soul’s Unchained Chaos is live with new dungeon and Gunslinger’s third spec

Blade & Soul players have a lot to take in this week as Unchained Chaos is now live for the NCsoft MMORPG. The crown...

The Stream Team: Can’t Trust a Pirate on the Ides of March in Guild Wars 2

With the dragon Aurene getting treatment, Massively OP's MJ can focus on hunting the Aetherblades, so she's busy gathering info. But you Can't Trust...

Sea of Thieves Season Six goes live with claimable sea forts, gameplay tweaks, and the end of the Arena

Yesterday saw Sea of Thieves preview the coming attractions for the multiplayer sandbox's Season Six update, and today marks its full release along with...

Sea of Thieves adds new sea forts, cosmetics, and a high-end voyage in tomorrow’s Season Six update

It's almost time for Season Six in Sea of Thieves, and that means some fresh new content to sail towards (and possibly crash in...

The Stream Team: Sailing the Sea of Thieves towards its first adventure

While the Pirates of the Caribbean crossover event in Sea of Thieves might have underwhelmed gamers, that doesn't mean MOP's Chris is going to...