Skull & Bones is already on 50% discount two months after launch

Thank goodness we finally launched.

After being delayed approximately four thousand times, to the point that we were even making jokes about it to the date it released, how has Ubisoft’s piratical online adventure Skull & Bones worked out? Well, it has been two months since the launch and the game is on sale for 50% off already. That is not what we in the industry call a great sign. One might even argue that it is a bad sign.

Unfortunately, the game’s current release makes it impossible to look at charts or any estimates of player count, but it seems like a given that this is not the sort of discount you offer for a game with brisk sales and positive word-of-mouth. Then again, given how Ubisoft has managed things like The Crew’s sunset, perhaps this qualifies as “just desserts.” And if you want to get in on some half-priced pirate adventures, hey, now you can do that.

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