skull and bones

How punk.

Betawatch: Corepunk previews crafting and gathering

Aw yeah, we're into the crafting and gathering previews for Corepunk. That's when you know the game is going somewhere, folks. Showing you a...

Ubisoft says it’s sitting on a ‘very strong improved version’ of Skull and Bones

A month after Ubisoft delayed its pirate sim Skull and Bones for an astounding sixth time, the company hinted that the time's been well-spent...

Pirates weep as Skull and Bones issues automatic PlayStation refunds

Just a few weeks after Ubisoft sank the hopes of every player who was hoping to finally get their hands on Skull and Bones...

Following sixth delay, Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones devs talk up the game’s story in new video

Considering the events of this past week, we can't think of any position more unenviable than to be the guy who has to come...

Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones has been delayed for the sixth time, potentially to 2024

Listen, if you didn't put another Skull and Bones delay on your 2023 predictions list, you have already failed because Ubisoft has once again...

Skull and Bones has been delayed into 2023 – its fifth major public delay since 2017

Stop me if you've heard this one: Skull and Bones is being delayed. Again. Ubisoft made the announcement on Twitter this afternoon, saying that feedback...
Not factored.

Betawatch: Fractured Online enters early access

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Skull and Bones showcases the way players can dress up their pirates and their ships

While Skull and Bones might have showcased some of the ways players can customize their ship during the Ubisoft Forward broadcast, the game's official...

Ubisoft Forward heralds new content for The Division 2, Skull and Bones, The Crew 2, and Riders Republic

This past weekend saw Ubisoft hold its studio-specific Ubisoft Forward showcase, and it had plenty of things to present to gamers, particularly titles within...

Skull and Bones’ latest dev blog talks about plundering settlements, outposts, and forts

Sure, you can attack a ship and get its goods in Skull and Bones, but the true buccaneering loot goblin knows that plundering locations...

Skull and Bones talks up the performance benefits and features of its PC version

It's not going to come as much of a surprise to players that the PC version of Ubisoft's upcoming Skull and Bones is going...

Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones teaches you the basics of ship-to-ship combat

With just a few months before its launch, Skull and Bones really needs to get players on board -- no pun intended -- with...

Skull and Bones outlines the levels of preparation required before entering combat

Hitting the open seas to hunt down prey to plunder in Skull and Bones is apparently not just as simple as hopping aboard a...

Ubisoft announces game cancellations, game delays, and company cost-cutting measures

The financial fortunes for developer and publisher Ubisoft are looking a bit more grim in the wake of an internal email and its first...

Skull and Bones breaks down the different ways players can customize their ship

Since Skull and Bones is all about being a pirate, there's obviously going to be ships in the game. However, the question of what...

Skull and Bones is set to board your brain and plunder your heart this November

To say that Ubisoft's Skull and Bones has been a long time in the coming is putting it mildly. The age of piracy naval...

Ubisoft will re-unveil Skull and Bones in this afternoon’s stream

It would appear that at least one of the two rumors surrounding Ubisoft's multiplayer pirating open world Skull and Bones has proven true: The...

Skull and Bones will reportedly share a launch date and official gameplay in a ‘re-reveal’ this July

It's easy to assume that Skull and Bones has been languishing in development hell: The piratical sandbox first made its debut at E3 2017 but...

Ubisoft 2022 financials: Skull & Bones will finally set sail by early next year

It's not every quarter that Ubisoft's financials merit a post or even a mention, but the company has been a low-key mess for the...

Skull and Bones tester leaks technical test footage of the game’s tutorial introduction

Starting off life as a pirate in Ubisoft's upcoming sandbox Skull and Bones will require players to get themselves acclimated, which generally means there's...