Skull and Bones is already seeing discounted prices at some retailers just three weeks after release


Usually sales are considered a good thing, but in the case of Ubisoft’s multiplayer pirate-em-up Skull and Bones, a discounted price might be considered to be something of an ill omen, particularly since the $70 title has already found its way into the bargain bin in some cases after roughly three weeks of launch.

VGC has found prices of the game’s console editions slashed at certain retailer websites, specifically at Best Buy (which currently has the game back at full price at the time of this writing) and UK retailer Hit (which still lists a £49.85/$63.27 price as of this writing).

It’s important to point out that these prices look to be retailer-specific and not an indication of a widespread sales spree on Ubisoft’s part, as the “AAAA” price tag is still in effect for Ubisoft’s bespoke storefront as well as on console stores, which suggests retailers are offering discounts based on copy depth – ie buying too many copies of the title. Even so, this also aligns with the fact that S&B almost immediately offered an eight-hour trial as reviews floundered.

In other S&B news, Ubisoft will be hosting a livestream on Thursday, March 7th, to share game update plans and answer player questions, while the studio’s associated Echoes of History podcast has released the final episode of the series’ recounting of real-world buccaneers from the game’s time period.

sources: Videogames Chronicle, Twitter (1, 2)
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