Ubisoft’s Echoes of History podcast focuses in on the historical figures of Skull and Bones’ setting


Ubisoft’s upcoming Skull and Bones is inspired by and set in a time period widely known as the Golden Age of Piracy, specifically the Pirate Round of the Indian Ocean, meaning there are a lot of historical tales to tell (as those links have proven). Sharing those tales and pushing the upcoming multiplayer title appear to be the purpose of Ubisoft’s next season of its Echoes of History podcast, which will debut eight new episodes all about the historical figures and legendary pirates of S&B’s period.

This set of episodes, called Gangsters of the Seas, will highlight some of the violent and sordid lives of pirates like Henry Every, Thomas Tew, Kanhoji Angre, and William Kidd, all of which are narrated by actress Michelle Rodriguez.

At first blush, the bedfellows of Ubisoft’s games and history lessons might seem strange, but the Echoes of History podcast has been running as far back as 2020 to provide real-world flavor to its Assassin’s Creed games, and the studio has used that same IP for its Discovery Tour historical teaching aides, so writing podcast episodes based on pirates isn’t entirely beyond the pale.

Whether this inspires you to listen or not may depend on one’s view of Ubisoft, of course, in which case those Wikipedia links may work just as well; you’ll just have to do your best Michelle Rodriguez impersonation while reading them.

source: press release
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