Skull and Bones latest S2 patch buffs the call-for-help and bounty systems


Early this morning, Ubisoft deployed Skull and Bone’s latest update, the first post-season 2, unexcitingly named Y1S2.1.

Of note, the studio has overhauled the call-for-help system, expanding fast travel locations so that players can fast travel directly to events from land or from their boats, with a few caveats. Players can also fast travel to plunderable POIs and calls for help from other players without paying the silver fee.

Ubisoft has also tweaked bounty contracts to add more source locations and nerf the cooldown period, rebalanced manufactory defense penalty timers, and fixed a ton of bugs – including the bug that kept cropping up in multiplayer groups that kicked newly invited players to the login screen.

Source: Patch notes
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