Mortal Online 2’s next patch will add its Mastery system, a Wilderness dungeon, and new craftable armor


Originally, Mortal Online 2 had planned to include a system called the Veteran system, a mechanic designed to help improve build diversity and offer long-term character investment. However, there’s a system in the prior game already called the Veteran system, so it has been renamed the Mastery system. But rest assured, it has the same design goals, and it’s still coming out with the game’s next major update. If you want to flex with some true mastery, that’s coming very soon.

The next patch will also feature a new craftable medium armor set, as voted on by the community, as well as another new dungeon accessible out in the Wilderness. There’s no date revealed for the patch on the announcement, but the developers will be hosting a livestream on June 19th showing off all of the features. So if you’re keen to mater your mortality (or other, more useful skills) you may wish to check that out.

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