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A GM of Mortal Online has passed away, and devs are planning an in-game memorial

We have some unfortunate news to share out of Mortal Online 2 as developer Star Vault announced the passing of one of its devs,...

Mortal Online 2 talks up plans to upgrade to Unreal Engine 5

Apparently, StarVault's ambitions for Mortal Online 2 won't be stopping anytime soon, as the studio has reiterated its plan to upgrade the newly launched...

Mortal Online 2’s latest patch adds a tower shield, Myrland POIs, and a fix for ghost players

I ain't afraid of no ghosts, especially in the case of the ghost player bug that was in Mortal Online 2, which is now...

Mortal Online 2 defends its decision to go subscription-only

Is it the height of foolishness to launch an MMORPG in 2022 as subscription-only -- or is it a shrewd financial tactic? Players will...
Sure, fine. Great. Neat.

Mortal Online 2 fans argue the game’s newest trailer exaggerates game features

The beginning of August saw Mortal Online 2 gleefully extol its various gameplay features and mechanics in a summary trailer as a means to...

Mortal Online 2 shares info about points of interest, sub model, assassination, carpentry, and new magic schools

Star Vault CEO Henrik Nystrom is looking ahead to the future of Mortal Online 2, which was the focus of the game's most recent...
We know, guys.

Mortal Online 2 offers a new trailer extolling the virtues of the game’s systems

Did you know that Mortal Online 2 is a first-person sandbox MMORPG with open PvP wherein everything important is made by players? Probably. If...
Don't let it die.

Mortal Online 2 deploys its massive Necromancy patch complete with a new world boss

You know what they call people who see something die and then just leave its corpse there, possibly as a warning to others? Quitters....

Mortal Online 2’s ‘Project Polish’ will focus on bug squashing and gameplay improvements

If you look through the Steam reviews currently available for Mortal Online 2, it's pretty easy to assume that the game has a lot...

Steam’s Summer Sale 2022 slashes prices on New World, Endwalker, Classic Guild Wars, and more

Steam's Summer Sale is upon us once again, and this morning you might even be able to access it without everything timing out! There are...

Mortal Online 2 adds updates to auction house, trinkets, and alchemy in latest patch

As a rule of thumb, yelling out "Nerrrrd!" at someone is bad practice, but doing so in Mortal Online 2 as you witness someone...

Mortal Online 2’s recent bounty hunting patch now has a snazzy new trailer

Sure, maybe you've heard about Mortal Online 2's recent patch that added a bounty hunting system to the sandbox, but what does it look...
Don't let it die.

Mortal Online 2 adds bounty hunting system, adds three-strike rule for bans

If you're planning on misbehaving in Mortal Online 2, you should probably be aware that the rules that govern how StarVault deals with you...

Mortal Online 2’s housing system enjoys a renovation

You may not think of Mortal Online 2 when you're considering MMO housing, but in fact the PvP title offers many spacious dwellings in...

Mortal Online 2 releases a patch that promises better network performance for larger battles

On the surface, the newest update for Mortal Online 2 appears to be pretty standard, but hiding among the notes is one big promise...

Mortal Online 2 apologizes for ‘drought of new content’ while it stabilizes post-launch

Mortal Online's latest patch,, went live earlier this week; it focuses largely on fixing UI and landscape bugs, though it also tweaks the...

Interview: Mortal Online 2’s CEO on launch, the playerbase, tech, and the future of the sandbox

Mortal Online 2 was one of multiple MMOs to launch in the first few months of 2022, and it began life with the best...

Mortal Online removed two alternate continents in favor of increasing server capacity

You might have noticed that the angry chanting surrounding Mortal Online 2's long queues and server woes has died down since launch, though we're...

Mortal Online 2 launches alternate mainlands as part of ongoing server population management efforts

This past Thursday saw Mortal Online 2 introduce a patch, deploying the previously discussed temporary instances of the Myrland continent, which readers will recall...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 359: Tearing down the faction wall

Chris, Justin, and Bree discuss Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons, World of Warcraft, Blizzard's financials, Star Citizen's roadmap mess, Mortal Online 2's rollback, New World's merges, and Lost Ark's headstart, with adventures in WoW Classic, Zenith, LOTRO, SWG Legends, and Monster Hunter Rise, plus a mailbag topic on the future of SSG and Daybreak.