mortal online 2

Mortal Online 2 releases its mastery tree system, adds a new dungeon, and introduces more items

No, Mortal Online 2 is not making characters masters of climbing trees; it's adding a mastery tree for them to climb in its latest...

Mortal Online 2 begins testing of a new mastery system on PTR

What do you do when you've climbed the top of the clade leveling mountain in Mortal Online 2? You find a new peak to...

Mortal Online 2’s next patch will add its Mastery system, a Wilderness dungeon, and new craftable armor

Originally, Mortal Online 2 had planned to include a system called the Veteran system, a mechanic designed to help improve build diversity and offer...
Don't let it die.

Mortal Online 2 improves new player experience and adds guild finder in latest patch

Ruthless PvP fans in Mortal Online 2 may lift their bloodied axes to the sky and rejoice at the arrival of Patch 2.0.5 this...

Mortal Online 2 begins public testing of its revamped tutorial experience May 22

Last week, Mortal Online 2 outlined plans for its next content update, which include additional pastoral tasks and changes to its new player experience....

Mortal Online 2 readies foraging, fishing, and an improved tutorial for its next content update

Star Vault Studios CEO Henrik Nystrom once again made use of his Mortal Online 2 stream to showcase the content coming in the sandbox's...

Mortal Online 2 opens a new dungeon, adds new mounts, and tweaks sieges with its latest update

Testing is over and release is here: Mortal Online 2's latest content update is live this week, opening the doors to a new dungeon,...

Mortal Online 2 tests siege system updates, combat changes, and new mounts in latest PTR

Evidently, there aren't enough players in Mortal Online 2 who are taking part in the PvP sandbox's siege mechanics, which has led to a...
This is the face of giving a damn.

Vague Patch Notes: The limits of data in MMORPGs

Yesterday, I went on a rant about data. As you probably guessed from the various columns wherein I attempt to use data to analyze...

Mortal Online 2 releases a new dungeon, combat polishing, dismemberment, and bear mounts

The feature set for the latest patch to Mortal Online 2 might sound like an odd stew since it's trying to marry riding bears...

Mortal Online 2 plans PTR test of mount stamina tweaks, combat updates, and rideable bears March 8

On Friday, March 8th, Mortal Online 2 is going to be opening its public test realm to let players kick the tires of one...

Mortal Online 2 tweaks when players can sub to the game – and adds free time for new subbers

Mortal Online 2 studio StarVault is smooshing around its sub and - if we're reading it right - sweetening the deal by offering players...
He's a bit ouchy.

Mortal Online 2 opens up its test server for a new balance patch

It's frankly upsetting when you think of players on Mortal Online 2 who for too long have cowered behind shield, resolute and confident in...

Mortal Online 2 opens the Undercroft dungeon in latest patch

When you hear a place called the Undercroft, a few things come to mind: an underground delve, some form of fancy stonework, maybe impossibly...

Mortal Online 2 player polls prompt combat polish and new dungeons as devs talk F2P Haven and armored horses

The beginning of this year saw Mortal Online 2 approach its update roadmap a bit differently, as developer Star Vault asked players to vote...

Timezones and compensation cause Mortal Online 2 to count free sub time a day early

Considering the length of time it has taken for Mortal Online 2 to get to this point, we'd agree it would be easy to...

Mortal Online II starts polling players on this year’s development roadmap

While most MMO studios set a vision internally and lay that vision out through a year-long roadmap, Mortal Online 2 is doing things a...

Mortal Online 2’s Krampos has turned up to dole out free raffle bags

They say that the holiday season is a perfect time for a truce between former enemies, and if anything's going to bring the bloodthirsty...

Mortal Online 2 lists possible features for a future roadmap

Following its recent upgrade to Unreal Engine 5, Mortal Online 2's Star Vault is hoping to figure out its development roadmap going forward. The...

Mortal Online 2 releases its big Unreal Engine 5 upgrade and gameplay adjusting patch

The time has come for players of Mortal Online 2 to enjoy crispier textures, shinier lights, and nicer-looking skies. The game has fully released...