Mortal Online 2 opens a new dungeon, adds new mounts, and tweaks sieges with its latest update


Testing is over and release is here: Mortal Online 2’s latest content update is live this week, opening the doors to a new dungeon, adding new mounts, and adjusting its siege gameplay.

The new dungeon is known as the Sylvan Sanctum, which can be found somewhere in Myrland (and that’s all the details players are getting), while sieges now have several updates including announced phases and a protected and vulnerable state for guild buildings. Players can also mount a host of new creatures including cougars, taurdogs, and panthers. Finally, players are being given a second character slot; mule it up, y’all.

Other features in this patch include multiple tweaks to the stamina and speeds of specific mounts, changes to melee and magical combat, tweaks to several territory control structures, and more. The patch notes are pretty lengthy and detailed (as they should be), so those who would rather see the highlights in video form can just watch the trailer below.

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