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Mortal Online 2 opens a new dungeon, adds new mounts, and tweaks sieges with its latest update

Testing is over and release is here: Mortal Online 2's latest content update is live this week, opening the doors to a new dungeon,...

Mortal Online 2 opens the Undercroft dungeon in latest patch

When you hear a place called the Undercroft, a few things come to mind: an underground delve, some form of fancy stonework, maybe impossibly...

Mortal Online 2 player polls prompt combat polish and new dungeons as devs talk F2P Haven and armored horses

The beginning of this year saw Mortal Online 2 approach its update roadmap a bit differently, as developer Star Vault asked players to vote...

Mortal Online 2 releases its big Unreal Engine 5 upgrade and gameplay adjusting patch

The time has come for players of Mortal Online 2 to enjoy crispier textures, shinier lights, and nicer-looking skies. The game has fully released...

Mortal Online 2 calls latest UE5 test ‘a huge success’ and readies another PTR this week

Last week the FFA PvP sandbox Mortal Online 2 ran its third Unreal Engine 5 upgrade test, with a focus on debugging its server...

Mortal Online 2 continues to test out its Unreal Engine 5 upgrade with a third PTR November 13

The Unreal Engine 5 upgrade for Mortal Online 2 hasn't been quite the improvement that Star Vault first hyped it to be, at least...

Mortal Online 2 promises a public beta of territory control mechanics soon as it adds more Elementalism spells

A lot of the talk coming out of Mortal Online 2 for the past couple of months has been focused almost entirely on its...
Sure, why not, right?

Mortal Online 2 offers a preview of player-built towns arriving in its upcoming territory control update

Sure, you can just walk up to characters in Mortal Online 2 and smack them in the head with your weapon of choice, but...

Mortal Online 2 suffers from a DDoS attack and an account hacking of one of its GMs

This past week appeared to be a rough one for players of Mortal Online 2 as Star Vault Studios confirmed that its servers were...