Mortal Online 2 offers a preview of player-built towns arriving in its upcoming territory control update

Sure, why not, right?

Sure, you can just walk up to characters in Mortal Online 2 and smack them in the head with your weapon of choice, but sometimes you need a reason to fight people like defending territory. That reason might be on the way with an incoming territory control update, which was previewed in a recent livestream.

The stream mostly focused on the towns and buildings that players can place as part of the territory control system, as well as how structures look once they rank up. As for the system itself, it basically will let players own a territory, place various buildings like guard towers, houses, and a stronghold, and then rank buildings up in order to get additional functionality and bonuses.

Further information on how territory control works on a mechanical level will be showcased in a future stream, and the game itself will also instruct players on how to hold and manage territory once the update goes live, though a timeline for both this stream and the patch’s launch were not provided. In any case, players can get a look at what’s coming below.

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