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FFA PvP: Free-for-all PvP.

Profane proudly showcases a suit of metal armor and beats the FFA PvP drum once more

Some people like cloth armor, some like leather armor, but some like the big, bulky, and (ideally) secure feeling of metal armor. Unsurprisingly, Profane...

Exclusive: Indie sandbox El Somni Quas on free-for-all PvP, races, classes, housing, and more

Back in December, we published an exclusive dev diary about El Somni Quas, an indie sandbox from a Czech studio that actually cut its teeth...

Working As Intended: A tour of 19-year-old Ultima Online

Wanna feel old? Three years ago, I wrote a Second Wind piece for Massively-that-was on Ultima Online, which had recently been turned over to Broadsword...

The Daily Grind: Which PvP sandbox is best for PvE gamers?

Back in May, Albion Online developer Sandbox Interactive reiterated to fans on a Q&A video that while it's building a hardcore PvP sandbox, it...
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

The Daily Grind: Is there anything that could get you to enjoy free-for-all looting PvP?

Some of you out there already like free-for-all PvP in which all of your stuff can be taken by whosoever chooses to kill you...

Sean Bean doesn’t die in the new Life is Feudal trailer

Life is Feudal is fast approaching its official November 17th release date. As such, the dev team has published a new animated trailer designed to...

Exploring ‘The Video Game Debate’: Moral panic and online griefing

Welcome back to our ongoing exploration of Rachel Kowert and Thorsten Quandt’s book The Video Game Debate. As you can guess, the book itself focuses...

Divergence Online adds consensual PvP server stretch goal

Yesterday, we published a detailed interview with Ethan Casner, one of the devs behind Star Wars Galaxies-inspired Divergence Online. The response was more or...

Albion Online’s missions are like quests, but not exactly

Top-down PvP sandbox Albion Online has released a new video highlighting the game's missions and factions. Lead designer Robin Henkys and technical director David...