Timezones and compensation cause Mortal Online 2 to count free sub time a day early


Considering the length of time it has taken for Mortal Online 2 to get to this point, we’d agree it would be easy to forget that access to the gankbox MMORPG was always going to require a 30-day subscription – it just didn’t start counting down the free month of sub time included in buying the game until its Epic Update went live. However, the date for when that 30 days of subscription started sooner than expected, so Star Vault is letting players know what happened.

Essentially we can all blame the Earth being round for the error: The studio initially announced that the free month would start ticking on the December 7th, however that was sadly incorrect because of compensation of nine days’ worth of subscription time that was handed out for downtime on November 28th, which started counting sub time on December 6th – a mix-up that’s being blamed on timezones.

It all boils down to those free 30 days finishing off on January 5th, so those who haven’t gotten a sub will be prompted to do so if they try to login now. “We sincerely apologize for this mix up with the inaccurate date which was announced, and we will be compensating everyone who was affected with two days of additional game time once we have support for that hopefully soon,” Star Vault promises.

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