Mortal Online 2 reiterates plan to begin subs with end-of-October UE5 launch


The latest developer livestream from Mortal Online 2 might seem to be repeating itself a bit at first blush, but perhaps fans should be happy to note that the upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 that was given an arrival window of late October appears to be on track, with Star Vault CEO Henrik Nystrom mentioning in the broadcast that the engine upgrade should be arriving to the game at the end of this month if all goes to plan.

“We have been working a lot on Unreal 5 as you know, and we are very close to being in a very good position,” Nystrom says during the stream. “It has been a huge project to convert to Unreal Engine 5 and we are finally very close to being done.”

Part of that plan includes PTR testing of the UE5 version, which Nystrom says will be open sometime next week. He further talks about the overall performance improvements to the sandbox thanks to UE5 and notes the update will also feature some gameplay adjustments and “heavy” territory control tweaks; he otherwise spends most of the livestream granting fans a look at the updated visuals as he waits through a full day and night cycle.

Another important portion of the stream starts at the 1:00:34 mark, when Nystrom talks about the beginning of subscription requirements. Nystrom confirms that the “epic release” – aka the catch-all name for the UE5 upgrade patch – will also be the point when those who bought MO2 will be using their free month of subscription; after that month, a sub will be required to play the game. “That is very vital for us to be able to keep growing, expanding, and getting resources,” Nystrom says. “It’s a necessity for us to continue to develop the game.”

source: Twitch, thanks to Hawks for the tip!
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