Mortal Online 2 roadmap promises territory control, sieges, thievery, and Unreal Engine 5 upgrade


Star Vault hasn’t shared precise dates for Mortal Online 2’s content updates, but fans have an idea of approximately what is coming at the very least, as the game’s latest roadmap shows off a wide variety of features planned in the coming months.

As you can see from the image below, the roadmap is now broken up into “sprints” instead of release windows, but according to information shared during the last livestream, each sprint is in sequential release order. That means the next patch will feature things like more hotbar options, additional POIs, and kegs for alchemists to put potions in to.

Some of the more intriguing portions of the upcoming patches are coming later down the line, such as an elementalism magic school, a housing trade market, siege systems, and territory control gameplay. The capstone of the roadmap is a so-called “Epic Release” that moves MO2 to Unreal Engine 5, increases server capacity, adds a thievery system, introduces zone rules that let players access new content based on standing with NPC groups, and updates the starter experience among other things.

sources: Twitter, Twitch
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